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Woman hits back after Joey Swoll called her out for 'crossing line' with 'inappropriate' gym workout

Woman hits back after Joey Swoll called her out for 'crossing line' with 'inappropriate' gym workout

The woman who was called out by Joey Swoll for her exercises has responded

The woman who was infamously called out by Joey Swoll just days ago has hit back at the criticism in her own social media post.

The bodybuilder and fitness influencer called out the woman on social media after she displayed an 'inappropriate' exercise in the gym. Take a look:

Joey Swoll is known in the fitness community as an all-round good guy who tries to keep toxicity away from the gym by calling out influencers who may be ruining the gym experience for others.

The 37-year-old is the self-branded 'CEO of gym positivity', accumulating a following of millions, with over 7.4 million followers on TikTok alone.

He recently called out a woman for filming an 'inappropriate' exercise, asking her to: "Please stop filming this content at the gym."

While saying that he's one for gym humour and comedy, there 'is absolutely a line' that she crossed as minors in the gym shouldn't be exposed to this, or potentially even worse, be featured the background of the video.

Swoll also said that if it was his gym, he would ask her to leave and not come back.

Joey Swoll called out this woman for her 'inappropriate' exercise.

With over 4.4 million views on TikTok, the video has divided users on social media.

Well, the woman herself has since responded to the video on her Instagram page with a number of videos promoting self-love, saying that she has 'always been an outsider' since her school days.

Known as @strongbyfelicity, her latest video seems to address the situation further, saying that this is why she has stayed public and hasn't gone private.

Following an increase in trolls and hate comments, Felicity has said that she 'won't let people bully' her into going private or removing comments, stating: "It really doesn't show who I am."

She said that she is proud of who she is, and going private would show the 'keyboard warriors' and 'trolls' that they won.

"These people all don't know me, you can think whatever you want, that I'm a s**t, I'm a h*e, I'm a c**t, I really don't care," she said.

The gym-goer has hit back at the criticism.

"You guys are putting so much effort to bring a woman down."

Possibly referencing Swoll himself among others, she said that even 'big influencers' don't understand the hate she goes through.

She claims that they are trying to 'bring down micro-influencers' like herself who are on the come-up.

"Nothing that you guys can say can change who I am or make me feel differently about myself," Felicity said, while also saying that she knows that the people that matter are in her corner, and that nothing will make her quit.

Users in the comments showed their support, with one saying: "Don't worry, the 'Joey Swoll' hatred will soon blow over."

Another put: "There you go! Stay strong and true to yourself!" while a third said: "Go off Villainess".

Felicity also explained the exercise from the video in question in the caption of an Instagram post.

She explained: "I’m conditioning my leg and glute muscles for mobility and to put my legs behind my head.

"It is an advanced yoga pose that I’ve been working for a long time.

"I like to get creative with different machines because I didn’t get this flexible by trying to be 'normal' in the gym."

She says that the weights help with stretching, and she also got hate in the past for posting this exercise.

Featured Image Credit: X/@TheJoeySwoll

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