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Joey Swoll calls out woman for 'crossing the line' with 'inappropriate' gym workout

Joey Swoll calls out woman for 'crossing the line' with 'inappropriate' gym workout

The fitness influencer has criticised this woman's actions in the gym

Joey Swoll is back fighting the good fight for all gym-goers out there.

The 37-year-old fitness influencer and bodybuilder is known for his positive online presence that spreads gym positivity, to the point where his X bio is 'CEO of gym positivity', as it is on all of his accounts.

Swoll has built up a massive following across social media channels, with over 7.4 million followers on TikTok alone.


He has previously called a woman out for wrongly accusing a man of being a pervert, which resulted in her gym membership being revoked, and rightfully criticised a woman for filming someone getting changed while naked in the changing room.

The 37-year-old is one for the people, defending the corner of the little guy and trying to fight against those who bring toxic energy to the gym and other public spaces.

And he's back again with a recent video, this time calling out the 'inappropriate' manner of exercises carried out by a woman, who has posted it all over her Instagram page.

Reacting to the video, which shows the woman jokingly using a bench press machine with her legs while laid out on her back, Swoll was not impressed.

The caption on her video read: "*Gym crush finishes his sets and turns around"... Me working out behind him," alongside her in the sexually suggestive position.

"Please stop filming this content at the gym," Swoll began.

"Listen, I'm all for gym humour and comedy, but there is absolutely a line - especially when you're at a busy commercial gym like this crunch, where a lot of young people, a lot of minors, work out." Swoll explained.

The fitness influencer went on to say that minors shouldn't be around this, or worse, in the background of one of these videos, as teenagers often sign up to big gyms like the one shown in the clip.


He asked viewers to imagine if their kid went to the gym and saw content like that being created, or if they were in the background of the video itself.

"I would be absolutely livid," he stated.

Addressing the woman in question, he said: "If this was my gym, I would ask you one time politely to stop doing this, but seeing as this is a theme on your page, video after video, I would ask you to leave and not come back."

Swoll then signed off with his signature phrase: "You need to do better - mind your own business."

The woman has since responded to the criticism with several videos on her Instagram page, saying that there is 'no changing her' and that 'there is a reason' why her account is public.

He has criticised the woman's inappropriate exercises in the gym.

On her Instagram account @strongbyfelicity, she has also explained why she did the exercise: "I’m conditioning my leg and glute muscles for mobility and to put my legs behind my head."

She says that it is an 'advanced yoga pose' and wanted to be 'creative' in the gym.

Viewers in the comments of the video posted on Joey Swoll's TikTok were divided on Swoll's assessment of the situation.

One user commented: "I really want to know her mindset on why she should post that," with laughing emojis.

Another said: "Gyms should have a no recording policy," which had over eight thousand likes.

However, a different user hit back: "I don’t know why the hate Joey that’s a legit workout"

A fourth pointed out: "U too serious, relax".

LADbible has reached out to the woman for comment.

Featured Image Credit: X/@TheJoeySwoll

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