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Tom Hardy Netflix Series Is 'Perfect For Peaky Blinders Fans'

Tom Hardy Netflix Series Is 'Perfect For Peaky Blinders Fans'

Tom Hardy fans have delighted in discovering the 2017 drama thanks to Netflix giving it a debut some five years after it appeared on the BBC

It's not a new Tom Hardy series but for money Taboo's debut on Netflix has been the first time people have watched the five year-old drama series starring the much-loved Peaky Blinders actor - and for many it draws favourable comparisons with the cherished show.

The eight-part series is set in 1814 and sees Hardy's character James Delaney returning to England after 12 years in Africa with 14 stolen diamonds for his troubles.

His father has recently died and the English war with the United States is nearing its end. Much of the series is based on the dark side of London in the 19th century, as well as looking at broader political and business corruption, the division of the rich and poor and toil of the working class.

It's good stuff you can definitely get your teeth into and for long-time Hardy and Peaky Blinders fans it's proved a perfect discovery.

One Twitter user wrote: "If you’re a Tom Hardy, Peaky Blinders fan… The new @netflix series Taboo is epic! Tom Hardy is the greatest villain actor in modern history and you can’t change my mind."

Another wrote: 'If you liked #PeakyBlinders you may try #Taboo on @netflix'

A third commented: "Taboo is like a Peaky Blinders x game of thrones mash up."

While others made the link between Peaky Blinders and Taboo containing the same showrunner in Stephen Knight as reason enough to pique interest, with some even going far as to say Hardy's appearance in the show was up there with his best.

Taboo certainly wasn't without praise on its initial airing on the BBC and in the US through FX in 2017. It was nominates for a number of Primetime Emmys and Satellite Awards. It's fair to say though that it had fallen under the shadow of some of Hardy's more illustrious work.

The decision by Netflix to show the series however looks like it's proving to be an astute one, and the show is clearly enjoying a new lease of life as the reaction to it on Twitter would suggest.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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