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Tommy Fury thought Jake Paul was a p***k after meeting him in boxing gym five years ago

Tommy Fury thought Jake Paul was a p***k after meeting him in boxing gym five years ago

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury first met at Ricky Hatton's gym five years ago

Tommy Fury's dislike towards The Problem Child is nothing new as it has emerged he thought Jake Paul was still a 'p***k' five years ago.

Ahead of the hotly-anticipated grudge match in Saudi Arabia tomorrow (26 February), the two fighters have been ramping up the hype by getting in as much promotion as possible.

However, what many of us aren't totally aware of is that the pair actually met years before either man had stepped in the ring with a pro boxer.

Despite their first ever back-and-forth on social media three years ago, Paul and Fury were both training at Ricky Hatton's Manchester gym back in 2018, reports the Mirror.

While YouTube stars Jake and Logan Paul were temporarily using the boxing gym to prepare for their upcoming KSI and Deji fights, Tyson and Tommy Fury were also training for their respective careers.

"It's a funny story," Fury told the publication, "Jake Paul and Logan were in town for the fight with KSI and I trained at Ricky Hatton's gym.

Tommy Fury's dislike towards The Problem Child is nothing new.
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"I was training with all the proper boxers and what-not, just a normal training day and they were in the gym.

"I saw them in the gym and I wasn't really fond of them at the time, I didn't know who they were but I knew about the KSI stuff."

Recalling the difference between the two bothers, Fury said: "His brother Logan was real nice. He took pictures with everybody, but Jake never.

"Jake never took pictures with anybody. I feel like his brother Logan is what he is, a good businessman, a nice guy at heart.

"But Jake is genuinely a bit of a p***k to be honest.

"He didn't give anyone in the gym that day a picture and that says it all, really."

As you might expect, Paul's side of the story is slightly different, as the YouTuber-turned boxer claims that Fury was a 'fan' who asked for a picture with the younger Paul brother.

He explained: "I guess that's the start of when we met each other. He did take a picture with me, he was a fan of Logan and I.

Tommy Fury pictured with Logan Paul in 2018.

"What's really funny about that story is that he posted the picture with Logan and then a year later deleted it but it was still somewhere on the internet.

"He didn't post the one with me, but the picture is there and I had someone in secrecy try to get it, going undercover to try and get the person who had the picture to send it, but they wouldn't do it."

Paul added: "Tommy's a fan, that's what's crazy about this whole entire thing.

"We get so wrapped up in the beef but he asked me for a picture and he asked Logan for a picture in Ricky Hatton's gym before the Deji fight."

Featured Image Credit: @tommyfury/@jakepaul/Instagram

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