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People shocked to find out Tommy Lee is married to huge social media star

People shocked to find out Tommy Lee is married to huge social media star

"I've been living under a rock"

While the world knows all about Tommy Lee’s marriage to Pamela Anderson after watching Pam & Tommy, plenty of people are only just finding out that the musician is currently married to a huge social media star. 

The 59-year-old Mötley Crüe drummer was divorced from the Baywatch star in 1998, three years after tying the knot.

Now he is married to 35-year-old Brittany Furlan, who was once the most followed female video star on Vine before it was shut down in 2016. 

Tommy Lee is married to former Vine star Brittany Furlan.

According to People, the pair first met on the celebrity dating app Raya in 2017 and they instantly hit it off. 

Speaking about his wife on the Netflix documentary The American Meme, Lee said: "I've been following her for years on Vine. I was like, 'She is so funny, and stupid and cute and beautiful'." 

Meanwhile, Furlan revealed in a previous episode of the How to Talk to Girls podcast that she was apprehensive about dating Lee after having been cheated on in past relationships. 

She said: "He was like, 'Oh, well, I'll just give you the password to my phone and all my devices and anytime you're feeling insecure, you can go look at anything you want'."

The pair got married in 2019.

"He's great and so loving and so supportive and such a good partner, honestly. Once you kind of find someone you feel safe with, that kind of changes everything."

Despite getting married back in 2019, numerous people have taken to social media in recent days to reveal their shock at only just finding out about their relationship

One Twitter user wrote: “I been living under a rock bc I found out that Tommy Lee is married to Brittany Furlan and I absolutely hate it.”

Another said: “Why did I only just find out right now that tommy lee and brittany furlan from vine are married lmao.”

A third commented: “The fact that that annoying lady from Vine is married to Tommy Lee as in Tommy and Pamela makes me have hope.”

A fourth, whose comment reflects some attitudes towards Furlan, wrote: “​​I’m so late why am I just finding out that Tommy Lee the man from MÖTLEY CRÜE is MARRIED to that b***h from vine?????”

For those not in the know, the former Vine star has been at the centre of a number of controversies over the years. 

Back in 2019, she was accused of racism after sharing a photo of her and Lee, alongside the caption: “With my Asian boyfriend Yoshi, don’t tell Tommy.”

A previous tweet of hers was unearthed too, which appeared to make fun of Asian people, while the influencer was also slammed in 2014 for a joke she made while hosting the Daytime Emmy Awards.

Lee has faced scrutiny this week too after sharing a full frontal naked photo on Instagram.

The musician horrified his social media followers on Thursday when he posted a full frontal naked photo.

The Mötley Crüe star appeared to be sitting on the edge of a jacuzzi in the image, which was captioned: “Ooooopppsss.”

Disgusted comments quickly racked up beneath Lee’s photo, with one person writing: “Aren’t you 59? This is just creepy.”

Other comments included, ‘Think about how many children follow you’, ‘You can’t post this on Instagram’ and ‘I need eye bleach help me’.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@tommylee/@brittanyfurlan

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