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True Geordie admits he’s a ‘role model’ as he issues another apology over Andrew Tate joke

Dominic Smithers

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True Geordie admits he’s a ‘role model’ as he issues another apology over Andrew Tate joke

True Geordie has come out and said he is a 'role model' following the backlash over his comments toward Andrew Tate about Islam.

The YouTuber, real name Brian Davis, was heavily criticised over an offensive joke he made during a livestream recently.

Davis was asked about the possibility of him getting in the ring with the controversial Tate, with whom he has had an ongoing online beef.

Co-host Laurence McKenna said Davis would never win that fight because Tate has 'God on his side' now.


Clearly upset by the mere mention of the ex-kickboxer's name, Davis then made a joke about his faith, with Tate being Muslim, saying he would gladly 'blow myself up if I could take that f**king s**tbag with us'.

The True Geordie says he's learned from his mistake. Credit: True Geordie/YouTube
The True Geordie says he's learned from his mistake. Credit: True Geordie/YouTube

McKenna then jumped in, pointing out that that was a problematic stereotype about Islamic people - but Davis double downed.

"I'm just saying, if he really wanted to prove it, do the right thing," he said while chuckling to himself.


Unsurprisingly, the comments did not go down well with anyone, and Davis was subsequently binned by his sponsor GymShark, and booted off Twitch.

But he has now posted a new video, in which he said he had learned from his error, and apologised again for not taking his responsibility as a role model more seriously.

Davis said: "I have taken the time out the last few days to just come to terms with how much my words have upset people.

"The first step was to just listen to all of you, all the tweets, the comments, the messages, my friends, and just to communicate with as many people as I could who were affected by my comments on the livestream.


"I want to do better. I know for some of you out there, I'm a role model, and I want to try to set the best example I possibly can for you. I know I was wrong, and I want to stand up, not hideaway. And I want you to see that.

You can watch it all here:

"I'm truly sorry for what I said. And it is not acceptable."


He then went on to say that he is trying to change, and wants to better understand how his comments upset and hurt people.

"So here's what I promised to do," Davis said. "I want to continue to speak to my friends, create as members of the Muslim community on an off camera, to understand how my comments hurt them, and how similar comments have hurt them in the past. To learn from that, and to try and be better."

He added: "I want to use these videos to speak to as many of you as I can and show that I've listened and I understand your pain.

"And hopefully, we can build some positive conversations from this, I have to work on myself, I have to be better improve the way I think. And I am working on that."

Featured Image Credit: True Geordie/YouTube

Topics: YouTube, Viral, Social Media

Dominic Smithers
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