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True Geordie responds to Tyson Fury storming off his podcast that ended in furious outburst

True Geordie responds to Tyson Fury storming off his podcast that ended in furious outburst

Tyson Fury was not happy with some of the True Geordie's comments and stormed off during their interview

As well as being one of the most dangerous men on the planet, Tyson Fury is also notoriously a tricky guy to interview.

If there was any doubt about the latter, the Gypsy King reminded us all of his unpredictability when he stormed off The True Geordie's podcast this week.

The heavyweight champion sat down for a chat with the YouTuber, real name Brian Davis, but things took a turn when he began asking him about his upcoming fight with Derek Chisora.

Next month, the two fighters are set to go head to head for the third time, with Fury having won the previous two bouts pretty convincingly.

And Davis suggested that it wasn't exactly going to be a great fight, with him claiming it was a bit of a 'mis-match'.

It's safe to say that Fury was not happy with the insinuation, calling Davis a 'tosspot bearded bald headed tosser' and told him to 'suck a d**k', along with 'you little s**thouse', before storming off.

Tyson Fury stormed off during his interview with the True Geordie.
True Geordie/YouTube

Well, now that the dust has settled a bit, Davis has posted another video in which he hit back at some of the criticism he's received from boxing experts.

Speaking about his comments over Fury's upcoming fight with Chisora, Davis said it was 'frustrating' and not the fight fans want or deserve.

Fury recently called off his proposed - and long-awaited - fight with fellow Brit Anthony Joshua due to a breakdown in contract negotiations.

He said: "It's f**king frustrating. Why does it have to be 3 December? You're calling the shots to make a fight that no one wants to see.

"And you're hiding behind your self-imposed deadlines as the reason those fights have to happen, and why we're not getting better opponents when you made those deadlines yourself, and then you're gonna charge us a fortune for it.

"So yeah, none of it sounded good that it towards the end of year was going on, and I could feel him getting more frustrated.

"I didn't let that shake me, you know, because I thought there's things that need to be said right now. And I'm going to be as respectful as I can be.

"And luckily, a lot of you out there recognise the amount of respect I paid Tyson and still say what needs to be said."

There is a bit of strong language but you can watch the interview here:

Davis went on to question Fury's behaviour, saying he was a walking contradiction, at one point branding him 'Ronnie Pickering'.

And while some people have called him out for apparently not showing the champ enough respect, and purposely trying to annoy him, Davis said it was utter rubbish.

"This was me being as respectful as I could just to prove, he said. "And I don't want someone to get backlash off an interview with me, but equally, I think it was earned.

"This is something that's been in the past for him, and because he let that come out, people were like, 'No, we're not having this'. We love you, we look up to you, we demand better. And we demand better than Derek Chisora."

He then turned his anger towards some of the boxing journalists and experts who criticised him over his remarks to Fury.

Reeling off some of the names he's interviewed over the years, which include the likes of Jordan Peterson and Louis Theroux, Davis said he was entitled to ask Fury whatever he liked.

"These guys come from my audience to access my audience I've built over the years of interviewing fascinating people, all kinds of sports stars, all kinds of celebrities," he said.

"And that experience that has enabled me in five minutes with Tyson Fury or whatever the f**k it was to get more out of him than a lot of these people criticising me have gotten in the last five to 10 f**king years. So you're embarrassing yourself. Honestly, just literally stop, you've picked the wrong one."

Featured Image Credit: True Geordie/YouTube

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