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True Geordie apologises for making ‘Islamophobic’ joke about Andrew Tate

Stewart Perrie

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True Geordie apologises for making ‘Islamophobic’ joke about Andrew Tate

True Geordie has issued an apology on his YouTube channel after he was slammed for making a joke about Andrew Tate.

The podcaster, whose real name is Brian Davis, was asked by one of his fans during a livestream whether he would fight the former kickboxer.

Davis looked annoyed at the suggestion and his podcast colleague, Lawrence McKenna, said True Geordie would never win that fight because Tate has 'God on his side' now.


Brian then said he would gladly 'blow myself up if I could take that f**king s**tbag with us'.

McKenna jumped in to say that was a problematic stereotype about Islamic people, but Davis double downed.

"I'm just saying, if he really wanted to prove it, do the right thing," Brian said while chuckling to himself.

The joke didn't go down well and many on social media called the pun Islamophobic.


True Geordie has now released an apology video on YouTube where he said he is wholeheartedly sorry for his comments.


Davis admitted the joke perpetuated a harmful stereotype about Muslim people and he feels he never should have sunk to that low.

Seven minutes into the apology, McKenna explained how he was annoyed he didn't shut Davis down harder following the 'joke'.

Lawrence said he felt like he let Davis down by not checking him on the comment and he also feels like he let his own family down.

That admission caused Davis to bury his hands in his head and break down in tears.


"I have so much love for your family," Brian said. "It was just such a stupid moment."

He added: "I'm a cocky guy and say a lot of silly jokes and I love myself to a degree and I get lost in that sometimes."

Davis said he just wasn't thinking it through when he was in the moment.

However, now that he's taken time to reflect on the comment, he realises how problematic it is to make statements like he did during the livestream.


"I am truly, truly, deeply sorry to anyone seeing that, Muslim or not, and thought 'they guy has hate for anyone', I just don't," he said.

Featured Image Credit: True Geordie/YouTube

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Stewart Perrie
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