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Gordon Ramsay Cries As Daughter Tilly Tops Strictly Come Dancing Leaderboard

Gordon Ramsay Cries As Daughter Tilly Tops Strictly Come Dancing Leaderboard

The chef looked as though he'd been chopping onions after watching his daughter perform on the show

Normally, when Gordon Ramsay appears on our screens, he's either aggressively chopping some veg, or even more aggressively shouting in someone's face. But viewers got to see a different side of the chef on Strictly Come Dancing last night (Saturday 2 October). Watch here:

No, he wasn't dancing the flamenco, rather his daughter Tilly was on the show.

The 19-year-old put in a performance that won her huge praise from the judges and left her joint top of the leaderboard - and clearly, her competitive old man was overcome with pride.

As the cameras panned to the onlooking 54-year-old, he could be seen trying to hold back tears as he applauded his daughter.

Bless his cotton socks.

Host Tess Daly spotted it too.

She said: "Oh darling, everyone's on their feet, that was so much fun! Your dad Gordon shed a tear, he's so proud of you!"

Proud dad.

Ramsay later took to Twitter to say there was a 'massive bag' of onions next to him and he was indeed 'so proud' of Tilly.

On Instagram, he wrote: "Amazing performance.

"Fast upbeat and joyous , that's pressure for sure, we'll done so proud."

Ramsay previously gave Tilly's partner, professional ballroom dancer Nikita Kuzmin, a bit of a telling off when he was first introduced to him.

As Tilly and Nikita were getting to know each other, Ramsay FaceTimed his daughter for a chat.

The teen answered the call and introduced him to Nikita, with Gordon saying: "Congratulations - and good luck to you both."

However, he then appeared to spot what was Nikita was wearing and quickly warned: "Nikita, can you do your shirt up? It's a bit low."

Fortunately, the pair seemed to see the funny side and could be seen laughing as Tilly swiftly ended the call telling her dad: "It's time to go."

Ramsay let Nikita know how it is from the off.

Later in the episode Tilly joked to co-host Claudia Winkleman that Nikita should wear a 'scarf and balaclava' to keep her dad happy.

Viewers loved Gordon's cheeky comment, with one person posting on Twitter: "Telling Nikita to do that shirt up is SO Gordon!"

Another joked: "Gordon: 'Nikita can you button your shirt up?'.

"Better than: 'You f***ing donkey'."

A third warned: "Nikita Kuzmin has already had a taste of Tilly Ramsay's father Gordon, if she is voted out within the first weeks he better be prepared for some serious verbal abuse..."

Good job then that the pair are doing very well thus far.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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