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Jon Favreau Promises No Delay With October Release Of The Mandalorian Season Two

Jon Favreau Promises No Delay With October Release Of The Mandalorian Season Two

While many projects have had to be put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, Favreau says things are on track for The Mandalorian

Jon Favreau has promised that things are on track for the October launch of the second season of The Mandalorian, following the success of the first series when it launched on new streaming service Disney+.

While the coronavirus pandemic has thrown a spanner in the works for many film and TV projects, thankfully the second instalment of the Star Wars TV series hasn't suffered the same fate.

During a virtual panel for the ATX Television Festival, moderated by Vanity Fair's Anthony Breznican, Favreau said: "We were lucky enough to have finished photography before the lock down.

"Thanks to how technology-forward Lucasfilm and ILM are, we have been able to do all of our visual effects and editing and post production remotely through systems that had been set up by those companies for us."

Jon Favreau.

Favreau said that because of the rigorous nature of the TV schedule, the second season of the show feels more like a continuation of the first as opposed to a new thing.

He continued: "As we explore partnering with new filmmakers and having new characters and going deeper with the characters we already have, it's really been very fun and fulfilling and I hope people are having as much fun seeing it as we are having making it."

The Mandalorian stars Game of Thrones alumni Pedro Pascal as the mysterious bounty hunter known simply as 'Mando', along with the legendary Carl Weathers as Greef Karga and Werner Herzog as The Client, with Hollywood heavyweight Nick Nolte and Jojo Rabbit director Taika Waititi lending their voices to Kuiil and IG-11, respectively.

It wasn't long after season one premiered that it's follow-up was confirmed, with news dropping earlier this year that the second series would be dropping in October.


Echoing Favreau's sentiment, Disney boss Bob Chapek has also said there would be no delay to the new series, telling fans last month that release dates for many projects remain unaffected by the pandemic.

In an interview with CNBC, he said: "We have a certain amount of inventory, particularly for Disney+, that is still fuelling the machine.

"It's important to know though that pre-production - sort of the development phase - can still happen during these times of lockdown, if you will. And post-production can still happen - so it's only films that are mid-stream, right in the middle of production. Take for example The Mandalorian.

"The Mandalorian was shot before Covid really hit, and so we've been in post-production and there'll be no delay on Mandalorian.

"Same thing with Black Widow which is coming out in November."

Featured Image Credit: Disney

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