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Naked Attraction Contestant Says Woman Farted In His Mouth During Sex

Naked Attraction Contestant Says Woman Farted In His Mouth During Sex

Eproctophilia, anyone?

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

One of the contestants on Channel 4's Naked Attraction has shared one of the most ridiculous stories yet, claiming that a woman farted into his mouth whilst he was performing a sex act on her. He explains below:

Then, because that's the kind of show that it is, the viewers were treated to a lovely explanation of eproctophilia, which is a fancy word for a farting fetish.

Yes, there are people out there who really enjoy that sort of stuff, apparently. That said, last night's contestant Carlo is not one of them.

Carlo was appearing on the programme hoping to find love after recovering from leukaemia.

Naked Attraction is a show whereby singletons of all shapes and sizes search for a date - but there's a difference.

In order to choose who they want to take out, they are presented with a selection of potential candidates who are behind multi-coloured screens.

Carlo shared his story - amongst other things - on the show.
Channel 4

Then, from the bottom up, those screens reveal their potential partners, meaning that they've seen all of their junk before they've actually heard them talk.

It's a strange concept, but a very popular one.

Anyway, the contestants often also like to share some of their best stories of sexual misadventure, and 28-year-old steeplejack Carlo was no different.

He told host and sex expert Anna Richardson about a time when he was performing oral sex on a partner and she let rip right into his mouth.

Not even by accident, apparently.

He explained: "When I was a young teenager, I was down there, going to work, and the next thing I know this girl let out a fart in my mouth."

Anna asked: "I take it she wasn't thrilled with what you were doing?"

Carlo responded: "I don't know what she was thinking, I think she thought it was funny. I was just in complete shock, with fart in my mouth."

Anna went on to explain then that this is apparently a thing, and it's called eproctophilia.

Of course it's a thing.
Channel 4

Hey, whatever floats your boat, right? As long as everything takes place between consenting adults, it's pretty much all OK, isn't it?

In the end, Carlo selected a woman called Lizzi to head off on a date with, but - unfortunately - it didn't result in anything more.

Despite the pair having a good time, the pair decided that was enough, citing a lack of chemistry.

Lizzi said: "It's maybe more of a friend thing, but yeah, he's a good laugh,"

Naked Attraction airs each Thursday on Channel 4 at 10.00pm.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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