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Naked Attraction contestant left speechless after seeing man's 'third leg'

Naked Attraction contestant left speechless after seeing man's 'third leg'

The audience was certainly impressed

Naked Attraction has seen all shapes and sizes of contestants over the years but someone who left a lasting impression did so because of his 'third leg'.

By now you know the name of the game, it's a dating show where everyone strips down to their socks and decides whether they want to go on a date depending on what the other looks like naked.

That's how it went with contestant Rara, who ended up encountering a distinctly dimensioned ding-a-ling.

As the screens rose she was quickly drawn to the man in the blue pod as he was much larger downstairs than everyone else on the show.

Watch here:

Rara was left 'speechless' by what she saw, though later said he might actually be 'too big' and didn't end up picking him when the time came to make her decision.

Upon first reveal of the men's lower halves she said: "Well blue, he is working with a weapon right there isn't he? That is literally a third leg.

"I don't know what to say, I'm actually speechless."

Meanwhile, Richardson couldn't resist going in for a closer look to ask blue 'is that real?' and 'is it a grower?', both questions got the thumbs up in response from the mystery man.

It takes all kinds to make a world, but people really weren't expecting that.
Channel 4

They weren't the only ones who made their appreciation clear, as plenty of fans watching Naked Attraction also voiced their appreciation of the lengthy love sausage on social media.

One person said it looked like a 'baby elephant had escaped into the blue pod' while another said he'd probably be 'helicoptering into work the next day'.

Someone else said he had a 'wanger and a half' accompanied by a wide-eyed GIF of appreciation.

Others thought it was a bit unfair on the rest of the contestants to be lined up next to the lad with the third leg, though in the end he didn't get picked by Rara.

Plenty of Channel 4 viewers thought this was the wrong choice, and many reckoned it wouldn't be too long before he found someone willing to date him.

Lot's of the show's viewers had some appreciation for the bloke and his not-so-little chap.
Channel 4

Not to pour cold water on what is clearly an impressive specimen of manhood, but it's possible that's not always what it looks like as some lads 'fluff up' before stepping out.

Apparently the show's green room gets a little bit chilly, though that may have something to do with the fact that all of the contestants on the show are stark naked.

While getting a bit chilly is to be forgiven for a bunch of people with no clothes on, the cold can have a bit of a shrinking effect on the old one-eyed snake.

If you're about to be on national television you obviously want to look your best whether you're wearing your finest suit or your birthday suit, so we can't really begrudge the guys for putting their best third leg forward, so to speak.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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