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Naked Attraction contestant reveals the show cut out 'the best thing she has seen in her life'

Naked Attraction contestant reveals the show cut out 'the best thing she has seen in her life'

I wonder why...

The problem with TV is that a lot of the filming has to be cut down to fit into a specific timeframe, which might leave some potentially entertaining bits out.

And this is exactly what has happened to this one Naked Attraction contestant when she made an appearance on the dating game show.

For those who aren't familiar with the premise of the show, contestants come on the show to look for their next date - but unlike your typical dating show, everyone is naked.

Contestants are presented with six naked potential dates in pods, who are revealed bit by bit from bottom to top, until just two are left.

The fully-clothed contestant also strips off and picks one of the final two to go on a date with to see if their instincts were right.

It can get quite heated on the show because of the premise, with one contestant having to be escorted off in the past.

But during a Season 11 episode that aired back in May last year, glamour model Chrissie Wunna appeared as a contestant on the Channel 4 show and has spoken out about a shocking scene which got cut.

Looking for her fourth husband, Chrissie had just one condition: Potential dates had to have large packages.

Chrissie claims that the show removed the 'best thing' in the episode.
Channel 4

Speaking to the Daily Star, she explained: "Walking in and seeing those pods were a mind f*ck."

Chrissie called her appearance 'the best show' she has filmed in her life even though she had done 'loads of reality'.

During the episode, she told the men in the pods that range of motion was just as crucial as size.

You can see where this is going, can't you...

This led to a racy moment that was eventually removed from the final cut.

Things didn't work out for Chrissie with the man she chose to go on a date with.
Channel 4

She revealed: "The men in all my pods, all they had shown so far were their willies, and they were knees bent helicoptering their willies.

"It was like the best thing I had ever seen in my life."

Describing it as 'the porn episode of Dumbo' because of the 'jumbo willies', the 43-year-old said she found the moment 'so hot'.

Unfortunately, despite the sexually charged scene, Chrissie and her chosen man didn't hit it off on their date and the so-called 'helicopter scene' didn't make the final cut.

However, she's claimed that she's been getting a lot of attention online since the episode.

"Right now loads of people are sliding into my DMs - whether they’re famous or not."

Surprisingly, Chrissie says there are 'loads of American sportsmen' in her DMs after the show went out in the US.

She further explained: "I don’t know anything about them though so I’m having to Google everyone. But there’s loads of American sportsmen and loads of TV people from England."

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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