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​Security Around I’m A Celeb Camp Increased After Body Found Around An Hour Away

​Security Around I’m A Celeb Camp Increased After Body Found Around An Hour Away

Security around the I'm A Celebrity camp has reportedly been increased after a body was found around an hour away earlier this week.

New South Wales police confirmed the body of a 50-year-old man was found in Jack Evans Boat Harbour, Tweed Heads - which is near the Queensland-New South Wales border.


Police said the man was found with 'physical wounds', and that they are treating the death as suspicious.

Detective Chief Inspector Brendon Cullen said: "I won't go into any description about those wounds, but he has suffered injuries."

The incident has prompted I'm A Celeb bosses to tighten security around the camp, according to a source from the show, who told The Sun: "The celebs are being watched 24 hours a day, seven days a week by a team of staff and our security measures are incredibly tight.

"So there is zero chance of anyone sneaking into camp. But of course it is very unsettling to know that there is someone out there, running from the police, who has committed such a horrible crime."


The man's body was found in a sleeping bag by a couple walking their dog at around 11am on Friday.

The man was carrying identification and police have been working to contact his next of kin, having also launched an investigation into what may have happened.

Detective Chief Inspector Cullen continued: "The movements and the history of the victim is something that we are in the early stages of establishing.

"We are very keen to speak to any person that was in Jack Evans Boat Harbour yesterday evening and this morning who might have seen something or know anything about this.

"We do want to establish where this man is from and how he came to be in the state he is in now."

Credit: ITV/Twitter
Credit: ITV/Twitter

Jack Evans Boat Harbour Park and its surrounding bushland is an area that is often populated by homeless people, according to ABC.

Cullen added: "It certainly is an aspect we will be looking at in this investigation."

Resident Kheloud O'Brian told ABC that the number of homeless people living in Tweed Heads was growing.

"There's always violence here, and it's often around drugs and alcohol, so they're constantly fighting each other most of the time," she said.

"There's more around - I met a 70-year-old [homeless] man the other day who had come from Bundaberg.

"Often they get pushed out, moved further out, and there's nothing for them or nowhere to go, so they just stick around where it is comfortable and familiar."

LADbible has reached out to ITV for comment.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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