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I’m A Celeb viewers stunned after hearing Sam Thompson’s real name

I’m A Celeb viewers stunned after hearing Sam Thompson’s real name

The Made in Chelsea star's real name seems fitting for a newly crowned King

Sam Thompson was crowned King of the Jungle last night (10 December).

But after the reality TV star was announced as the winner of I’m A Celebrity, fans were stunned to hear his real name.

Thompson’s full name is a whole lot fancier than what viewers have come to know him as.

But then again, the lad’s off Made in Chelsea, what else did we expect?

The 31-year-old bagged the win down under, with boxer Tony Bellew in second place, and former UKIP and Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage coming in third.

His popularity with the public certainly showed in the numbers, as he won a whopping 43.45 percent of the third-place vote.

Thompson then went on to bag 56.64 percent of the final vote, giving him a landslide victory.

And as viewers began to celebrate his big I’m A Celeb win and share their congratulations on social media, some couldn’t hold back from including his name in all its full glory.

Sam was crowned King of the Jungle.

TV journalist Liam Hamilton wrote on X: “Sam Thompson - aka ‘Samuel Robert De Courcy Thompson’, yes really! - crowned King of the Jungle in front of 7.5m viewers."

Yep, the new King of the Jungle’s real name is Samuel Robert De Courcy Thompson - pretty fitting if you ask me.

Another echoed: “Samuel Robert De Courcy Thompson has the right sort of name to make something of himself!"

One even slammed: “Gotta love that people think Nigel Farage is a posh privileged git, but Samuel Robert De Courcy Thompson is some ordinary geezer.”

Although one user did joke: “Sam Thompson from Made in Chelsea, a show about posh people, has a posh name? shocker.”

Sam Thompson.

Being crowned King by his fellow campmate and This Morning presenter Josie Gibson, Thompson said: “I am so grateful, thank you so much, I’ve dreamt of doing this show for years and years and you made this boy’s dream come true.”

He added of his experience on the show: “The little moments were the best moments, when Snake Rock camp came back and we had everyone back together, the vibe was so amazing, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy.”

With such a majority of the votes, it’s unsurprising fans were absolutely buzzing with his win as they called him the ‘most deserved winner’.

One wrote: “Sam absolutely deserves the crown! He brought so much positive energies to the series!”

Well, all hail King Samuel Robert De Courcy Thompson, I guess.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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