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Person Who's 'Seen Spider-Man: No Way Home' Reveals What We Can Expect From Film

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Person Who's 'Seen Spider-Man: No Way Home' Reveals What We Can Expect From Film

Warning: Potential spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home

Someone who claims to have watched Spider-Man: No Way Home has revealed what we can expect from the new movie.


Grace Randolph, who hosts YouTube's 'Beyond the Trailer' and is known for posting leaks of movie rumours online, said she had a 'long chat' with a source who has reportedly watched No Way Home - apart from the end credit scenes.


Taking to Twitter, she wrote: "Dial down expectations - think #WandaVision, as in things don't go crazy but a great solid story.

"It IS just 5 villains. Ending is very surprising & Tom Holland centric - I like it a lot."

While this comment could just be hearsay, the detail about the villains appears to be supported by the new trailer, which was clearly all about the big bads.

Dropping just a few days back, the trailer confirmed Green Goblin, Sandman, Doc Ock, Lizard and Electro will all be making an appearance, although that's not to say others won't turn up.


In another tweet, Grace added that 'Tobey & Andrew are in the movie', referring to the rumours that former Spidey stars Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield will appear in the film alongside our current iteration of Peter Parker, Tom Holland.

She also added that Matt Murdock/Daredevil will be making an appearance.

She continued: "But like, I think Sony wants to hold back Tobey & Andrew because there aren't any other really big surprises re appearances.


"It's about the story with: 5 villains, 3 Spideys, 1 Doctor Strange.

"Oh yeah, and a bit of Matt Murdock."

Whether this is true or not, fans were quick to respond, with numerous people going against the suggestion to 'dial down expectations'.

"I think this is what everyone was expecting no? Are people expecting more?" asked one.


"I'm definitely content with this! Thanks for the scoops Grace!"

Another wrote: "The movie: multiverse story with past spidermen, 5 iconic villains from the past, matt murdock cameo, dr strange and more.

"I mean if this isn't considered 'crazy' I don't know what is."

Credit: Marvel
Credit: Marvel

Even by Marvel's usual standards, the build-up to No Way Home has felt especially fraught with rumours and hearsay.

But while the prospect of a big-screen multiversal showdown is certainly an exciting prospect, Holland has been keen to stress that No Way Home will have a much darker tone than previous iterations of the franchise.

Andrew Garfield will reportedly reprise his role as Spider-Man in the new movie. Credit: Sony
Andrew Garfield will reportedly reprise his role as Spider-Man in the new movie. Credit: Sony

Speaking to Total Film earlier this month, Holland said: "What people will be really surprised about is that it's not fun, this film, it's dark and it's sad, and it's going to be really affecting.

"You're going to see characters that you love go through things that you would never wish for them to go through.

"And I was just really excited to kind of lean into that side of Peter Parker."

Spider-Man: No Way Home will be released in the UK on 15 December and in the US on 17 December.

Words: Daisy Phillipson

Featured Image Credit: Marvel

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