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Josh Brolin speaks out on not returning as Cable for Deadpool 3

Josh Brolin speaks out on not returning as Cable for Deadpool 3

Josh Brolin opened up on not returning for Deadpool 3 in a new interview

We’re all beyond hyped for the new Deadpool movie, right?

Whether it be the easter-egg filled trailer, Hugh Jackman returning as Wolverine, or this being the first R-rated film in the MCU – there are 101 reasons to be excited for this film.

The biggest detractor for me personally so far though? No Josh Brolin.

Deadpool 2 was a great follow up in many ways, but a fan favourite aspect of it was Brolin as Cable.

While the first film had occasional appearances from Colossus, there were few other characters who were able to play a good straight man opposite Deadpool’s whacky antics.

Reynolds and co clearly recognised the importance of this with the sequel, as Brolin’s moody time traveller Cable was introduced.

A perfect foil to Reynolds’ Deadpool – Brolin was a standout in the film, playing the time travelling son of Scott Summers aka Cyclops.

Unfortunately, though, there is no room for two curmudgeonly men who hate Deadpool in the threequel now Jackman has joined the cast – and so Cable has not made the cut.

Cable or Thanos? Hard to tell. (Marvel Studios)
Cable or Thanos? Hard to tell. (Marvel Studios)

While there were concerns about having Brolin in the MCU as Cable as well as Thanos, I think it would have been fine considering one is a short grey-haired man and the other is a seven-foot purple man.

While he may not be in Deadpool and Wolverine, Brolin has been booked and busy, appearing in Dune: Part Two, as well as Outer Range season three – set to release this month.

In an interview with The Playlist though, the actor addressed not returning.

When asked about his character appearing on the IMDb list for the film, he said:

“Am I? Yeeeesssss! I so wanted to be in that movie. [Marvel] is a more complex labyrinth than Outer Rangewill ever be, my friend.

“Cable was a lot of fun. I really liked doing that role. That was a lot of fun. Hugh [Jackman], I’m absolutely in love with. I know Ryan [Reynolds] now, and I’ve met Hugh a couple of times, and I think when he did Logan—forget it!

Jackman is joining Reynolds for Deadpool 3. (Disney)
Jackman is joining Reynolds for Deadpool 3. (Disney)

“I mean, Scott Frank, who wrote it, is a good friend of mine and I just think the coming together of [these characters] is just fantastic.

“And Hugh, I don’t know how old Hugh is now—is he 56, 57? I mean, seriously, the dude doesn’t age. So, yeah. I’m a big fan of his.”

Courteous as ever, I would personally be much more rude if I was left out of the Marvel movie of the summer.

Featured Image Credit: Marvel Studios/Disney

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