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Parents ban their children from watching Teletubbies after 'overly sexualised' scene leaves them red-faced

Parents ban their children from watching Teletubbies after 'overly sexualised' scene leaves them red-faced

It does look a bit dodgy, to be fair

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Parents have been left shocked after seeing a recently resurfaced Teletubbies scene, with one saying she had banned her kids from watching the show.

The clip was shared by a parent who took to TikTok to ask: "My toddler was watching Teletubbies and this happened. What did I just watch?" You can see exactly what she watched here... it does look a bit weird, to be fair:

Believe it or not, the original series of the Teletubbies first aired all the way back in 1997 and ran until 2001, before having a revival in 2015 that ran until 2018.

For those familiar with the brightly-coloured foursome, you might remember that they have a habit of getting themselves into slightly weird situations - but one particular scene has ruffled some feathers with parents.

In the scene, Tinky-Winky, Laa-Laa and Po can be seen standing outside, with Tinky Winky (the purple one) holding a party blower and being instructed to give it a 'very, very, very big blow', which he does.

The party blower unfurls and heads straight towards Dipsy (the green coloured one), who happens to be bending over to pick up a hat.

Tinky-Winky got his hands on a giant party blower.
Ragdoll Productions

The blower appears to start tickling his bum prompting him - or her, to be honest I'm not sure what these guys are - to start wiggling about and seemingly enjoying the experience.

Look, if you were three you'd just take it at face value and think it was pretty funny and quite silly, but as adults, I think we can all admit that it does look a bit... dodgy, right?

Well, fellow TikTok users seemed to think so anyway, with one person writing: "Now I know why my mum didn't let me watch them when I was a kid."

Another said: "Amazes me the folks that think it's parents overthinking this... wow. Nope. Not OK."

Some parents thought this scene was a bit much.
Ragdoll Productions

While a third commented: "[this is] why I never allowed my kids to watch this show!"

Someone else went further, adding: "I didn't allow my kids to watch this show. After one episode, I banned it."

Others thought it was quite harmless for little ones to see, as their minds aren't in the gutter like ours, while many former Teletubbies fans said they watched it throughout their childhoods and turned out OK.

"Omg people, there's nothing sexual here," said one.

Another pointed out: "It's only a problem when you watch it as an adult and realise that everything is sexualised."

"If you see something sexual in this, you have your own problems in your head," added another parent.

Featured Image Credit: Ragdoll Productions

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