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Viewers Shocked After Man 'Helicopters' His Penis On Naked Attraction

Viewers Shocked After Man 'Helicopters' His Penis On Naked Attraction

His signature move paid off, though

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

You'd think fans of Naked Attraction would be fairly unshockable at this point, having sat through six series and countless genitals since it first appeared on our screens back in 2016.

However, last night viewers were left reeling after one contestant 'helicoptered' his penis in an attempt to impress. That's entertainment, eh?

On yesterday's episode, we saw host Anna Richardson trying to find Hollie-Anna her perfect match from a selection of naked men.

Anna told the potential suitors that Hollie-Anna was quite into fitness and asked the fellas to show off their moves.

Hollie-Anna was treated to a variety of moves - including some ballet - but one bloke decided to just helicopter his d**k. A classic.

Anna and Hollie-Anna were left slightly gobsmacked, while those watching at home were even more surprised.

One person wrote: "Your man doing the helicopter on #nakedattraction was hilarious.... I think my husband just threw up in his mouth."

While a second posted: "I don't know why men doing the 'helicopter' freaks me out so much, I just can't deal with it."

A third added: "Tell me why one of the blokes on Naked Attraction f****** helicopters his d**k around when asked to do their best athletic move." Why indeed.

However, his signature move paid off, and he was picked to go on a date with Hollie-Anna.

The date went well - so well, they even had a second - but sadly, the romantic union was over before it really begun, as our man the helicopter pilot decided to leave the UK for good... probably best when you've had your knob out on telly.

Channel 4

When asked what could convince him to stay in the UK, he said: "Can you make the weather in the UK hotter and bring the sun?"

To which a slightly dejected Hollie-Anna replied: "I can do a lot of things but I can't bring the sun to the UK, sorry."

Ah, well, there's plenty more fish in the sea, mate.

The next episode of Naked Attraction airs on E4 on Thursday at 10pm - and you can catch up on all previous episodes, including last night's, on All 4.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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