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Fans fuming after The 1% Club breaks show record after ‘impossible’ question

Fans fuming after The 1% Club breaks show record after ‘impossible’ question

Would you have got this 'cheeky question' right?

Are you really a Brit watching a game show if you’re not shouting out every answer from your couch?

And then obviously rolling your eyes when they get it wrong or pretending you didn’t say anything in the first place when you get it wrong.

While you might be more of a The Chase fan or perhaps a Pointless person, for many The 1% Club is the top quiz show on telly at the moment – it did win the NTA after all.

But that’s not to say fans don’t get fuming over the questions.

And one ‘impossible’ question this series broke a record for the ITV show.

In case you’re not familiar with this popular Saturday night quizzing, it sees 100 members of the public put their common sense, intelligence and logic to the test.

And then, after working through rounds of questions, any contestant who correctly answers a question that just one percent of the nation got right bags themselves a share of up to £100,000.

Lee Mack insists that this question broke a show record for The 1% Club as it saw a whopping 30 people all crashing out of the competition.

The comedian asked the contestants: “How many eyes can you see in the image below?”

As the timer ticked, they were presented with two rows of emojis and letters of the alphabet - which you can also see below.

Would you get this right?

And even viewers on social media were struggling to get it right.

While you might have guessed ‘22’ because of the letter ‘i’ cropping up in the sequence, the answer is just ‘15’.

That’s because it specifically asked for the ‘eyes’ to be counted.

It seems that many of the contestants were counting the wrong things as such a huge number got it wrong.

Host Lee Mack said it was a show record.

One user on X pointed this out too: “Wow 30 out in one go. That’s the most ever on 1 question. I got that right only counting the eyes. So easy.”

Alright, Mr Know-It-All.

Another user wasn’t so lucky as they decided the question wasn't quite right: “I tend to try and outsmart and second guess the questions at #The1PercentClub and it doesn't work!

"At the 'eye' question, I counted 15, but because the question was 'how many eyes can you see', and you can't really see the eyes of this [emoji] I thought it was 13.”

One also fumed as they got it wrong: “What a cheeky question. Caught me out and kicking myself. I was flying until this happened.”

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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