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1% Club winner still hasn't received huge jackpot despite filming show months ago

1% Club winner still hasn't received huge jackpot despite filming show months ago

She ended up winning £98,000 but doesn't have it yet

A woman who won The 1% Club hasn't received her considerable jackpot despite it being months since she achieved victory in the ITV quiz show.

Hillal Sanderson recently appeared on the Lee Mack-hosted quiz show, though it might be more accurate to say we only recently saw the results.

Although Hillal's episode only appeared on our screens last Saturday (24 February) it's been a few months since she actually won.

She ended up with a huge jackpot of £98,000, almost all the money it's theoretically possible to get from The 1% Club.

Making it through to the end, she was offered the chance to walk away with £10,000 or stay for one final question and take home the jackpot.

She had to answer this question.

Hillal was asked to complete the sequence 'S M H D W M' with one final letter, and it looked like she really didn't need the full 30 seconds allotted to answer the question.

In the end her confidence was well placed as she told Lee Mack the correct answer was 'Y', as each of the letters corresponded to a measure of time.

'S M H D W M' meant 'seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months' so of course the right answer was 'Y' for 'years'.

The Crewe woman told the Daily Mirror that while it's been five months since she actually won the quiz show she still hasn't had her £98,000.

However, she went on to say that it's all just a waiting game at this point as it's made clear to contestants that they get their money 30 days after the episode airs.

As for what she plans to spend it on, Hillal intends to be sensible with her winnings except for one thing as she'd like to bribe some people to let her onto the EastEnders set for a tour.

She got the right answer easily.

This is fairly common practice for quiz and game shows, the winner doesn't get handed a big wad of cash on their way out of the studio.

The money tends to be paid out to the winner some considerable time after they've actually won the show they were on, and often is postponed until it's actually been on TV.

When previous 1% Club winner Daniel O'Halloran won £99,000 it was a long time before he actually got his hands on his winnings.

He managed to keep the size of the jackpot a secret from his family for a good long while, as they knew he'd won the show but thought he must have gone for the £10,000 option 1% Club winners can choose if they make it to the end.

Daniel did tell his grandma so it would be 'our little secret we shared together', but the actual money gets paid around 30 days after the episode airs.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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