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People cancelling Amazon Prime subscriptions over major change coming in two weeks

People cancelling Amazon Prime subscriptions over major change coming in two weeks

Amazon Prime Video customers in the UK are not pleased with the upcoming change

Amazon Prime account holders are cancelling their subscriptions over a major incoming change in two weeks.

A number of users are not happy with the streaming service after it announced a new approach to its viewing experience.

Prime Video has sent emails out to customers informing them of an 'upcoming change' to their account and some have taken to Reddit to complain.

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People are far form happy with the change.
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“This is b******t if you have an existing annual membership - they shouldn't be able to change it until your current membership renews,” one person wrote.

A second added: “And I just canceled. Got a refund for the rest of my year's subscription.”

"Sigh, just another reason to break out the eye patch and parrot. When I ditched Netflix, I thought I would regret it. Won't regret this one either,” a third penned.

If you want to watch season four of The Boys, you'll either have to put up with ads or pay more.
Amazon Prime

Now, the change people are so upset about follows the streamer's decision to introduce adverts to Prime Video subscriptions.

For the US and Canada, the new tier system will be introduced very soon on 29 January.

And the same will soon apply for customers in Germany and the UK unless they spend another £2.99 each month to enjoy an ad-free experience.

Amazon has claimed this will ‘allow us to continue investing in compelling content and keep increasing that investment over a long period of time’.

"We aim to have meaningfully fewer ads than linear TV and other streaming TV providers,” it told customers via email.

Online viewers vowed to cancel their subscriptions amid the new charge.
Reddit/ @Solid-Consequence-50

Many have decided to cancel their subscriptions immediately, with another person commenting: “Amazon now with ads.”

Someone else said: “Just cancelled mine and left the comment that ads are a deal breaker and that their service is useless with them.”

One user, who claims to be familiar with the industry, wrote: “Work in the industry and the steaming ad revenue is the new frontier. They’ve created basic cable but you pay them directly.

“This is the ‘revolutionary’ future of streaming.

“They are all going to raise prices until the as supported tier makes sense.

“What they don’t understand is that they’ve created an entire generation that WILL NOT WATCH ADS. If that means piracy? Then piracy will become a thing again.”

For Brits, the Prime Video subscription change will start on 5 February.

It does seems that Amazon has ever so slightly followed in the footsteps of Netflix by including an ad-supported tier.

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