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Viewers fuming after Ant and Dec give away one of TV’s biggest ever game-show jackpots

Viewers fuming after Ant and Dec give away one of TV’s biggest ever game-show jackpots

Viewers deemed the final question as 'too easy'

One of the most beloved television genres of the great British public has got to be cash-prize competitions.

From Who Wants to Be a Millionaire to Pointless, there’s nothing quite like watching ordinary people rack up the dosh through a couple rounds of trivia questions.

However, how easy should these questions be?

The fun of watching people try to come up with a response to little-known topics is what it’s all about.

If you and I are getting everything correct at home, it’s not exactly a gripping watch.

This is why viewers of Ant and Dec’s Limitless Win yesterday (13 January) were not happy bunnies.

Calling the Britpop category ‘too easy’, a lot of people were left fuming after a couple won one of TV’s biggest game-show jackpots of £1 million.

The Limitless Win episode on ITV1 prompted viewers to voice their concerns about the questions asked to Charlie and his wife Helen.

The pair quickly reached the million prize on 'the ladder' by answering a question about Britpop, which is where Charlie dipped into his uni days to remember the correct answer.

Ant and Dec's Limitless Win really is limitless.

The question that won the couple a whopping prize was: "2024 marks how many years since Blur beat Oasis to the UK number 1 spot with the song 'Country House'."

Dec then joked that it was ‘squeaky bum time’ as Charlie had previously struggled through the other rounds.

However, he was certain of the jackpot question and said: "29. I know. It's 29."

Ant was sceptical of the contestant’s calm demeanour while he was standing there ’hyperventilating’ for the couple.

But of course, it was correct.

When the pair were announced as the winners and immediately became millionaires, Helen said: "This is beyond anything, it's been amazing from start to finish."

Though, not everyone was thrilled.

One social media viewer posted: "It’s 29 years. 1995. Dead easy. Million pound question. F**k me, this is fix."

And another said: "Jeez what an easy question to win a million."

Viewers thought that Helen and Charlie were given too easy of a question.

But Charlie’s calm composure was baffling to a lot of viewers who questioned what was going on.

One person wrote: "Why are Ant & Dec more excited than the people who've just won £1 million!?" as another theorised: "This couple already have 1 million based on their reaction bloody hell id be in bits."

However, Helen was stunned, calling the experience ‘surreal’ after Ant and Dec jumped around on stage when they were crowned the winners of a whopping amount.

Helen said: "It's been amazing from start to finish, it's going to take a while to sink in, I think."

Of course, there were those who were happy for the couple online, with one person writing: “Still can’t get over last night’s episode of #LimitlessWin, an absolutely incredible result and I’m so thrilled for the new MILLIONAIRES...Congratulations boys on another great show.”

Maybe we’re all just jealous that we didn’t apply for the show to be able to get in for the chance to win?

LADbible reached out to ITV for comment.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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