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Antiques Roadshow viewers baffled as man brings Nike Air Jordans on the show

Antiques Roadshow viewers baffled as man brings Nike Air Jordans on the show

Sneakerheads will know all about the Jordan 1

Nike's Air Jordan 1 hasn't been this controversial since the NBA forced Michael to change the colour of his shoes back in 1985.

The black and red colour way of MJ's first Jordan's were not white enough for the NBA as they stated that the shoes must be 51 percent white in accordance with the shoes that the rest of the team was wearing.

He was subsequently fined $5,000 (£3,939.25) fine per game until Nike introduced more white onto the shoe.

However, Antiques Roadshow viewers, who witnessed a pair of Jordan 1's on the programme, might argue that last year's episode was even more controversial than that.

One sneakerhead decided to showcase his vast collection of trainers to expert Mark Hill and the huge collection consisted of over 850 pairs.

In Belmont House, Kent, onlookers were surrounded by hundreds of colourful shoes, as the owner talked Hill through his collection, which included a pair of Reeboks in collaboration with McClaren: “These are one of the oldest pairs in my collection. These Reeboks are a collaboration with McLaren so they were worn in the '92 champions races.

"There was only around 42 made for the pit crew.”

But they weren't the only interesting item on display during the segment.

Like all true sneakerheads, the guest also had a pair of the iconic Nike Air Jordans and explained the significance behind the American brand.

Sneakerheads will know all about the Jordan 1. (BBC)
Sneakerheads will know all about the Jordan 1. (BBC)

Showing off the box fresh sneakers with their still intact tags, he added: “Every game Michael Jordan wore them and got fined so that's why people want the shoe. New I bought them for £120, now they would go for around £850.”

After discussing the trainer collection, the host asked the guest: “Do you think they are the antiques of the future?”

The sneaker reseller replied: “Absolutely, and they very rarely come down in price. This group would go for around £3-4K.”

Meanwhile, the episode went viral on X (Twitter), with users mocking the relatively modern ‘antique’.

Viewers were not totally on board. (BBC)
Viewers were not totally on board. (BBC)

One shocked user added shared several snaps from the episode, writing: “How much #antiquesroadshow keep em box fresh people.”

Others agreed, as another joked: “Trainers on Antiques Roadshow?! What next? And old Dominos pizza box?!”

Not everyone was so dismissive of the collectables though, with some enjoying the more accessible antique.

“Trainers on the Antiques Roadshow! Good lad,” tweeted one enthusiastic viewer.

I guess not everyone is quite there yet with sneakers.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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