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Outnumbered is officially returning for new episode

Outnumbered is officially returning for new episode

The Brockmans are back with a brand new episode of Outnumbered... and we don't have too long to wait

Outnumbered is finally returning to TV with a new episode.

In an absolute double-whammy for the BBC, the sitcom will be coming back for Christmas - just like Gavin and Stacey.

This Outnumbered Christmas special will be the first new episode of the chaotic British family since the last special back in 2016. The original TV series ran from 2007 to 2014, known for its semi-improvised scenes with the kids.

Pete actor Hugh Dennis says: “I can’t wait for the Brockmans to be back together again. Pete and Sue have downsized, the children are no longer children, but I’m sure family life will prove to be just as chaotic as ever.”

And Sue star Claire Skinner adds: “I’m really looking forward to being reunited with my TV family. Working on this wonderful BBC comedy doesn’t feel like work and is one of the greatest joys for us all.”

The Brockmans are back together. (BBC)
The Brockmans are back together. (BBC)

Announced today (23 May), the Christmas special will be written and directed by the show’s creators, Guy Jenkin and Andy Hamilton.

It will follow the family's usual chaos but will instead take place in the 'downsized home' of Pete and Sue 'as they grapple with the challenges of parenting kids who are now adults, with their own lives to lead'.

And get this, Tyger Drew-Honey, Daniel Roche and Ramona Marquez will all return as the grown up kids as their parents will also have a grandchild to deal with.

The family are getting back together with an attempt to celebrate a 'traditional Christmas' but in true Outnumbered fashion, 'fate, neighbours, hyenas and bus replacement services get in their way'.

An absolute classic. (BBC)
An absolute classic. (BBC)

Jon Petrie, Director of BBC Comedy, says: “Outnumbered is one of the crown jewels of British sitcoms. We're so grateful to Guy, Andy, Hattrick, and the cast for dusting it off and putting it back on display.”

Co-creator, writer and director Hamilton says: “It’s a very exciting prospect to be revisiting the Brockman family - older, but not necessarily wiser - as they steer a path through the perils of Christmas and the rapids of modern-day family life.”

Co-creator, writer and director, Jenkin adds: “I really wanted to find out what the Brockmans were up to these days, so Andy and I had to write this special.”

Outnumbered will return to BBC One and BBC iPlayer for Christmas.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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