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Chaotic new UK reality show encourages contestants to drink, fight and behave badly

Chaotic new UK reality show encourages contestants to drink, fight and behave badly

This looks absolute chaos

Years ago, reality television used to be pretty wild. Participants used to smoke, drink - and even have sex - on TV.

But, in recent years, new rules created to protect those taking part in these types of shows have been instilled.

For those creating this type of telly, due care must be taken over the welfare and wellbeing of participants.

Badderz UK is available to stream now.
Badderz UK/Lani Good

But now, a new reality show has just launched online in which contestants are actually encouraged to behave badly.

There's drinking, fighting and general mischief - and it's attracted almost 100,000 views in less than one week.

Say hello to Badderz UK, a show that wouldn't be allowed on telly - but on the internet, the rules don't apply.

"I feel like TV needs to take a chill pill, we're just trying to have to have a laugh... the [contestants] were dying to do it, they literally want the drama," executive producer Lani Good told Sky News.

Discussing her desire to make reality telly, she added: "I didn't want to wait for opportunities to come my way.

"I thought I've got a bit of money, I'll do it myself."

You can watch a clip below:

Lani explains the show is 'unashamedly extreme' adding that if it were to be on mainstream telly, it would be 'watered down'.

Set in Croatia at a correctional retreat, the reality show focuses on a group of 'rebellious young women' who embark on a transformative journey.

The show follows the women as they try and 'shed their rebellious ways' - but what actually happens looks far from tranquil.

"Join them on this captivating adventure of self-discovery, where the unexpected twists of transformation may just lead to a revelation of the good that was always within," the show explains.

But despite the premise of show, the trailer looks quite different, with the women getting involved in heaps of drama and plenty of bust ups.

In some scenes, contestants are held back from their fellow participants - something which could get them thrown out of other mainstream shows.

The show is full of drama.
Badderz UK/Lani Good

People seem to be loving the show already, with one commenting on social media: "I'm way too excited for this already!"

While another said: "It takes a lot to put something like this together, no matter the opinions people have, you should be proud that you executed an idea you had with your own funds too, it takes fearlessness and a bravery especially in such a creative industry."

You can find the first two episodes here.

Featured Image Credit: Badderz UK

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