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Big Brother contestant lost £80,000 trying to sue the show

Big Brother contestant lost £80,000 trying to sue the show

The Big Brother contestant appeared on season 13 of the show.

A Big Brother contestant from series 13 lost £80,000 trying to sue the show.

It won't be long until the iconic reality programme returns to our screens after a five-year hiatus.

While there are too many big Big Brother moments to count on one hand, one that may have slipped under the radar was when actor and beauty pageant titleholder Deana Uppal, 34, featured as a contestant on Channel 5's second season of the show in 2012.

Nominated as the first housemate to enter the house, Deana's 70-day journey was certainly an eventful one.

Besides having a mostly successful run in the home after coming in third place in the final, she also accused other contestants of bullying her.

Big Brother fans might remember one exchange with housemate Conor McIntyre, which saw 1108 people complain to Ofcom.

Deana's fellow Big Brother housemate Conor McIntyre.
Channel 5

"All people can see the way you are f***ing going on," he told her.

"It’s not just me… I personally don’t like you ‘cos I can’t trust you and you’re two faced and too sneaky."

Deana claims she was later approached by lawyers, who advised her to make a defamation case against the production company.

However, in 2014, she lost the libel case launched against Channel 5 and Endemol over the comments made in McIntyre's epilator ‘rap’.

He said: "With who? I’ll give her a fun game, I’ll stick this [a hair brush] up her f****** m****, the stupid b******, I’ll give her a f****** epilator.

"I’m gonna play loads of pranks on her because she’s a f****** piece of shit, I don’t give a f*** if I get pulled into the Diary Room, so it could be…"

Deana Uppal, 34, featured as contestant on Channel 5's second season of the show.
Yogen Shah/The India Today Group via Getty Images

"I was so young and my head was everywhere, I didn't read [the paperwork] properly," she told Vice in a recent interview.

"I had to pay my side's legal fees and their side’s legal fees. I had an £80,000 bill at 23 years old."

She was forced to pay £2,000 a month for the next five years and had to move to India to reduce her cost of living.

Deana said after the show she suffered mental health issues.

"I gave up. I went into a bad depression. I didn't leave my house for about eight months," she explained.

"Everyone feels like they know you and you have a lot of vultures around you that think that you made money."

LADbible has contacted Channel 5 and production company Banijay for comment.

The new series of Big Brother will start on Sunday 8 October at 9pm on ITV.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 5/Yogen Shah/The India Today Group/Getty Images

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