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Jimmy Savile's comments when he entered the Big Brother house will never be aired again

Jimmy Savile's comments when he entered the Big Brother house will never be aired again

He briefly appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in 2006

It is likely that Jimmy Savile's appearance on Celebrity Big Brother and the comments he made on the reality show will never be aired on TV again.

The celebrity spin-off to Big Brother is returning to TV screens next week, this time on ITV, for the first time since 2018. The full line-up was leaked yesterday (29 February).

Back in 2006, Savile appeared on Channel 4 reality TV series Celebrity Big Brother, with him spending two days in the house fixing problems for celebrities, in a nod to his show Jim'll Fix It.

The footage of his entry into the house - which will never air on television again - is hard to watch back with the benefit of hindsight, with housemates excitedly cheering his arrival and politician George Galloway hailing him as 'legendary'.

Savile proceeded to go around the group offering out hugs and kisses, before telling former basketball player Dennis Rodman: "I want you to know I have a violent temper but you have nothing to fear from me."

Jimmy Savile once appeared on Celebrity Big Brother.
Channel 4

After hugging Coronation Street star Rula Lenska, he said: "I would want to marry all of you ladies for at least 24 hours."

And when he met Chantelle Houghton - who went on to win the show despite not actually being a celebrity - he said: "I know that many fellas love you, but they don't love you with the sincerity and tenderness I do," before kissing her hand.

"I always tell the truth even when I'm lying," he then added, before kissing her hand again.

Later, while Rula was cooking, Savile told her she looked 'far prettier in the flesh' than she did on TV.

As housemates wrote down their requests for jobs that needed doing Savile said: "Don't forget ladies, I'm available most weekends for home visits."

Savile died in October 2011 aged 84, having never been brought to justice.

Shortly after his death his horrific crimes were exposed and he was posthumously unmasked as a 'predatory paedophile'.

He briefly appeared on the celebrity show where he would 'fix things' for the housemates.
Channel 4

Hundreds of people came forward with allegations of abuse, with Savile's ostentatious gravestone torn down and the sickening extent of his crimes revealed.

Following his death and the revelation of his horrifying crimes many moments from Savile's past were re-examined, including his appearance on Celebrity Big Brother and the comments he made there.

Clips of Savile on TV, including his appearance on a Louis Theroux documentary where he appeared to be seeing how much he could get away with, have taken on a new and disturbing aspect.

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Additional words by Emily Puckering.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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