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CBB viewers convinced star broke rules by having 'phone' on show before important reason explained

CBB viewers convinced star broke rules by having 'phone' on show before important reason explained

Celebrity Big Brother viewers wrongly thought Nikita Kuzmin was breaking a rule

Some Celebrity Big Brother viewers were rather confused when contestant Nikita Kuzmin looked to have a banned item with him during the show.

The Strictly Come Dancing star has joined the likes of Louis Walsh, Fern Britton and briefly Sharon Osborne on the new series of the ITV reality programme.

And before she left, the former The X Factor judge named Kuzmin and Levi Roots as the contestants she most wants to be in the final.

She told Kuzmin that he deserves to be in the final two 'because he’s beautiful inside and outside'.

Kuzmin said: “I honestly love you so much. You’re the mother which we all count on and you’ve been so genuine, so kind, you’ve been so much yourself, you’re just our queen Sharon.

“We love you so, so much and we will miss you dearly.”

Now Osborne has left, viewers have been questioning whether the item Kuzmin has been carrying is a phone or not.

Some viewers thought Nikita Kuzmin had a banned item with him.

During Tuesday's episode, the dancer had something on his lap while he spoke to Big Brother.

Thinking it was a phone, one viewer said: "Was that a phone on Nikita's lap in the diary room?"

Another added: "No one else noticed Nikita has a phone or something on his knee at the beginning of his interview with BB."

While a third person also said: "Is that a phone? Do the celebrities have phones?"

Celebrity big brother viewers wrongly thought Nikita Kuzmin was breaking a rule.

However, other viewers were quick to explain that the device is a reader for his blood sugar monitor which helps control his type 1 diabetes.

“Nikita is diabetic he’s checking blood sugar it’s not a phone!!” one person explained.

Another added: “I feel like CBB has done Nikita dirty because maybe if he got more screen time, people would know he is diabetic and would get rid of the 'HE HAS A PHONE' tweets.”

Previously on Monday Live, host Gethin Jones spoke to the Ukrainian dancer about his condition, saying: "Nikita is someone dealing with it.

"You have Type One diabetes. There must have been times when you thought, 'My goodness, is this really going to affect my career as a dancer?'"

The 24-year-old replied: "Yeah. I mean, first of all, the message I would really love to send to all the kids and general people is that this is our superpower.

"We get to learn how to be responsible from a young age. How to deal with problems with the condition.

"And second of all, it's really important that we find someone with the same condition that we can look up to."

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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