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Americans watching Clarkson's Farm have seriously brutal opinions about UK after watching show

Americans watching Clarkson's Farm have seriously brutal opinions about UK after watching show

They can't understand our lack of 'freedom'

TV shows are supposed to relax you, but Americans have instead felt nothing but stress and confusion when watching Clarkson's Farm and seeing the challenges of farming in the UK.

Okay, I know it must be hard to understand cultural differences between the US and the UK, but farming? Surely, there isn’t much of a difference.

But according to the Americans of Reddit, one thing they can’t seem to wrap their heads around is the lack of freedom the former Top Gear presenter has on his own land.

Crazy, right?

Clarkson’s Farm, which recently released the first half of its third season, takes a realistic look into the working of a farm, the land upkeep and its many challenges that thousands of local farmers battle through today.

Except, they don’t have the wallet size that the presenter does, nor do they have the budget of an Amazon Prime TV show.

It’s a fantastic watch, and even if you’re not keen on Jezza, you get to see farmyard animals and that’s always good, right?

Enter the unsolicited advice and judgement about our ways.

One person took to the platform to rave about the UK laws regarding farming and there’s no surprise that a gun was mentioned in the text.

Jeremy Clarkson details his life on the farm. (LADbible)
Jeremy Clarkson details his life on the farm. (LADbible)

They said: “As an American I’m actually appalled at the way the local government and UK regulations just stomp the hell outta Jeremy and his farm and mind you, he’s got money, like a lot of money.

“How do the local farmers not support Jeremy and join him against these power mad asshats, I’m just saying all these people seem hellbent to ruin his farm and ruin all these farmers that he helps and employs and these people's lives.”

Here’s where it gets interesting: “Also being told what I can and can’t do on my property that is outside city limits, especially on 1000 ACRES thats f**king massive in the USA not even to mention how massive of a property that is in England, would be unimaginable in the states especially the big farming states like I’m not kidding go throughout the southeast and midwest and tell farmers what they can and can’t do on their property you’ll probably have a gun in face pretty damn fast.”

Claims that the show reinforced an ‘OI BRUV YOU GOT A LICENSE FOR DAT’ meme that Americans use for the Brits and our regulations had some people with their backs up in the thread.

Apparently, it’s not too different between the two nations.

Someone wrote in response: “You clearly haven't grown up on a farm. A properly run American farm deals with all the same issues.”

Jeremy Clarkson has experiences the highs and lows of the council. (Prime Video)
Jeremy Clarkson has experiences the highs and lows of the council. (Prime Video)

However, others took to the same subreddit to suggest that Clarkson take his ‘operations to the US’ for an easier time and slandered the ‘bureaucracy’ in Britain.

They said: “If the council and UK bureaucracy screws Clarkson after all the arbitration Clarkson’s final act of defiance should be to liquidate and sell his UK farm and use the money to move to a red state in the US with lower regulation and private property restrictions.”

I don’t think they know what Clarkson’s views of America are, and we’ll let them blissfully go about their days without being enlightened.

They even provided a list of reasons why he should make the move, which included him having an already established ‘US fan base to support any new store/restaurants’, ‘lower taxes/regulations’ and ‘less strict USDA over the UK equivalent governing body’.

You can have him if you want him! But I don’t think he wants you.

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