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Claudia Winkleman responds as Traitors fans spot major issue with the show

Claudia Winkleman responds as Traitors fans spot major issue with the show

She reckons there's one part of the show that's 'problematic'

I'm not joking when I say The Traitors is the best thing on TV right now as it's got basically everything you could ever want.

Whichever person decided to stick a bunch of people in a fancy castle (even though they actually sleep in a hotel) and have them play Werewolf for several days deserves some kind of award.

The glue that keeps this all together is the woman with the best fringe in the business, Claudia Winkleman.

Clearly enjoying the drama that's unfolding before her eyes and finding the classiest way to tell the Faithful they're a bunch of idiots after voting out another one of their own, Winkleman knits The Traitors together wonderfully.

Only there's one complaint that fans of the show have had that she agrees with, and it's not that banishing Traitors early on in the game isn't actually that useful as they get to recruit to replenish their numbers.

Claudia Winkleman agrees with a criticism some fans have had of The Traitors.

Winkleman was on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour when a listener named Harriet called in to ask: "Why is it that all the people that get murdered by the Traitors are all women bar one?

"And secondly, why are the Traitors so ageist? One of them was a woman and a bit older, so they murdered her straight away."

Claudia was in total agreement with Harriet's point, saying she'd like to have a proper talk with her about it.

She said: "Well, I mean, correct, Harriet. And I would like to sit down with Harriet and have quite a few conversations about it.

"I don't want to say anything, because what if people haven't watched? So I'm not going to say any names. But yeah, it's problematic.

"But then you'll carry on watching and you'll see, and that is all I can say."

We're heading into spoiler territory for The Traitors here so if you've not seen season two yet please go and do so, this piece will still be here when you get back.

The show is incredibly popular, but we're getting into the endgame now.

At time of writing we're up to episode eight and Harriet is spot on, the Traitors have murdered five players and four of them have been women.

They've also targeted more older players with their killing, their first victim and only man murdered was 67-year-old Aubrey, the oldest player among the cast of the UK's second season.

Two of the women have been younger players, with their next murders being 21-year-old Kyra and 22-year-old Meg, though the latter was because there was no other option.

However, their next murders afterwards were 58-year-old Tracey and 63-year-old Diane who were at the time the oldest players left in the game, with The Traitors viewers really taking to the latter.

With 12 players out and only 10 remaining it's up to Harry and recruited Traitor Andrew to try and win after the much-anticipated banishment of Paul.

The Traitors continues on BBC One at 9pm, followed by The Traitors: Uncloaked immediately afterwards on BBC Two.

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