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Crime fans being urged to watch ‘incredible’ legal drama which is ‘much better than Suits’

Crime fans being urged to watch ‘incredible’ legal drama which is ‘much better than Suits’

If you're hankering for a crime drama that's better than Suits we might have just the thing

If you've devoured your fair share of crime dramas and want to know where your next obsession is coming from, then we have a show for you.

Rated by the critics and with tonnes of episodes to keep you occupied, you can pull yourself out of the rat-race to find a new show.

It's especially handy if you've already worked your way through all of Suits, as plenty are saying this show is even better.

We're not saying Suits is bad - far from it - particularly after it found a new life on Netflix and attracted a slew of new fans, but there's almost always a better show to be found.

This one's got crimes, legal drama and a Rotten Tomatoes rating which is slightly higher than Suits, if you consider that to be a useful metric to rate movies and TV shows.

Don't you want to know what's going on here?
CBS via Getty Images

We're talking about The Good Wife, the CBS show following stay-at-home mother Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) who has to return to the legal profession after her husband Peter (Chris Noth) is caught in a major scandal and jailed.

To provide for her children, Alicia goes back to her old job as a defence attorney, and from there drama follows.

The Good Wife picked up bags of critical acclaim, with some reviewers calling it the 'last great drama' network TV made before streaming took over our screens.

Check out a clip:

Obviously you'd need to watch the show properly to get a good idea of what was going on in that scene, but you might have got the gist anyhow.

If not, then perhaps the show's five Emmy wins will convince you it's a show worth your time, and if you prefer the audience verdict then plenty will sing the praises of The Good Wife until you simply have to see what all the fuss is about.

It's no surprise that comparisons have been drawn with Suits, but many drawing a line between the two reckon The Good Wife has it beaten hands down.

Sorry Suits, but there's another legal drama that's maybe even better than you.

Those who'd seen both said they were 'begging' fans of Suits to give The Good Wife a go, while another said 'these shows are INCREDIBLE' and nobody using all capital letters for emphasis on the internet is worth ignoring, are they?

Even better news for Brits just getting into this show is that they can do so for free, though it never hurts to be quick as you never know when shows will shuffle around the streaming services.

The Good Wife can be streamed for free in the UK on Channel 4.

Featured Image Credit: CBS

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