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Why David Potts will not receive cash prize despite winning Celebrity Big Brother

Why David Potts will not receive cash prize despite winning Celebrity Big Brother

Potts 'genuinely didn’t think' he was going to win

David Potts will not take home a single penny for winning Celebrity Big Brother thanks to a little known rule.

The Ibiza Weekender star was crowned champion of this year's competition last night (22 March) after seeing off Strictly Come Dancing dancer Nikita Kuzmin who came second.

Coronation Street actor Colson Smith finished third, while former The X Factor judge Louis Walsh came fourth, with Fern Britton finishing fifth.

“I genuinely didn’t think I was going to (win)," Potts said.

"I like people, especially people who have the same energy as me, like Bradley for example, I gravitate towards them.

"Me and Bradley have the same sense of humour, he's just a great guy," he added.

"I've never really been one of the lads, but when I got really close with Nikita and Colson, I was like, 'not me being one of the lads.' I love it, I'm so versatile these days."

Potts 'genuinely didn’t think' he was going to win.

On Bradley's exit, David said: "I was devo, I genuinely thought he would be in the final. I thought everyone would love him as much as I do."

Calling his experience in the CBB house an 'absolute slay', he added: "We are strangers at the beginning and I delved right in.

"So I've learned to have a bit more trust in people, let my guard down. Other than that keep slaying."

Runner-up Kuzmin said: "I said to myself, one thing is that I’m going to just be Nikita the way my mum would be proud of me and it’s very reassuring that people just liked me for me.

Potts was shocked that he won the show.

"I didn’t expect to actually meet such fun people.

"And I will bring it with me for my whole life - the biggest of the joys, it’s one of the coolest things I’ve done in my life and I’ll cherish it forever."

Meanwhile, Walsh added: "One or two times I wanted to leave but we had great fun.

"I hope nobody heard my little chats because we were no holds barred!

"I came in here not knowing what to expect, but wow, it’s been a learning experience for me.

"I'll be remembered as the Irish one who was a bit wild and wacky, who had an opinion on everyone and I’ll never forget it."

Former The X Factor judge Louis Walsh came fourth.

Now, for 2024's Celebrity Big Brother, there happens to be no additional cash prize on top of the fee celebs are paid for their appearance on the show.

Prior to 2018, money from the winning cash pot was donated to a charity of the winner's choice, but this has now been scrapped.

Celebrity PR Ed Hopkins has since suggested that Potts will instead earn six-figures from post-winning brand deals.

“I’m confident he will be signing six-figure deals in the coming months,” Hopkins told The Sun.

“I’m sure projects are already signed and agreed, and if he works hard, there’s no reason why he couldn’t earn a million in the next two years.

“ITV will look after him.

“David has been on the scene since 2016, when he first came into the entertainment industry as a rep on Ibiza Weekender, but he's not a household name by any means.

“A lot of people wouldn't know who he is, but they will do now!"

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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