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Deal or No Deal contestant accidentally answered wrong question after winning £250,000

Deal or No Deal contestant accidentally answered wrong question after winning £250,000

The woman was shell-shocked when she realised her mistake

Deal or No Deal made a triumphant return to our screens this month, with presenter and comedian Stephen Mulhern at its helm.

The classic game show, which was originally hosted by Noel Edmonds, sees contestants test their luck and their nerve as they choose whether to take home the cash amount inside a sealed box - worth anything between 1p and £250,000 - or accept an offer from the mysterious banker.

One notable moment from the show's history sees a woman respond with the wrong answer to Edmonds' iconic question.

Julie had played a gruelling game and ruled out every box apart from number 23, which could either double the jackpot, add £10,000 to it, half it, keep it the same or leave the contestant with absolutely nothing.

As Edmonds asks her 'Deal or No Deal?' for the final time, she accidentally replies: “Deal, no.”

The audience screech in horror as Edmonds reveals that he’s ‘duty bond’ to accept her first answer - which is when the phone rings.

In a sweet moment, the elderly woman reassures the audience as accepts her fate of potentially losing the life-changing sum.

After a brief discussion with the banker, everyone waits with bated breath as to what will happen next before Edmonds reveals whether she’s been given a second chance.

Julie was left in total shock after her accidental slip-up.
Channel 4

Referring to the anonymous banker, the host tells her: “He said winning is the most important thing to him…as long as it’s fair and square.”

Then with a cheeky smile, he adds: “He has empowered me to ask the question again.”

Immediately, the audience breaks out into cheers as they hear the news, with Julie becoming almost teary in the tense moment.

Much to the viewers' joy, she then says ‘No Deal’ reading it off a card Edmonds had jokingly put before her.

As that wasn’t enough, it’s then revealed that she has won £250,000 with the remaining box being worth a big fat nothing.

Since being unearthed, the viral clip has gained thousands views on TikTok with fans flooding the comments on the social media platform.

Many have praised the producers for giving the woman a second chance, including one user who wrote: “They knew she was excited and confused and it was a genuine mistake.”

Thankfully, she was given a second chance.
Channel 4

Another added: “Good on them for giving her another chance & winning.”

Last night's (30 November) episode of the new series left viewers in 'floods or tears' after contestant Brad Wale opened up about being diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND).

When Mulhern asked Brad what he would spend his potential winnings on, he replied: “Last year, things changed quite a lot for me really, I was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease…”

His voice cracked as he said: “I never cry when I talk about it normally… So the prognosis isn’t really that great.

“So I’d put it towards my bucket list, go and see different places around the world, and give my family and partner some money before… yeah.”

Unfortunately for Brad, his appearance on the show last night didn’t end in a big win, as he opened up his box to reveal £5.

But, fellow Deal or No Deal contestant Rochelle Hughes has set up a fundraiser to help him ‘tick some bits off his Bucket List’.

You can chip in to the fundraiser here.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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