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Actors aren't really smoking cigarettes on screen in big Hollywood movies

Actors aren't really smoking cigarettes on screen in big Hollywood movies

Who knew, eh?

Have you ever wondered what actors are actually smoking in films and on telly?

When it comes to Hollywood, it makes sense that movie stars aren't actually chain smoking real cigarettes for the cameras.

After all, it would be pretty unhealthy - nevermind totally unethical - to have them smoking for real.

But it certainly looks realistic enough when we watch a movie or TV show on telly. So, what are they doing?

Actors aren't really smoking cigarettes.
BBC Two/Peaky Blinders​

Well, a TikToker has revealed what actors are really 'smoking' in films and TV shows instead of cigarettes - and they look almost identical.

Director David Ma (@davidwma) has become incredibly popular on TikTok, amassing over one million followers and nearly 23 million likes across all his videos - largely because he lifts the lid on behind-the-scenes props and other tricks that appear in filming.

We do love some secret movie trivia.

You can watch his explanation of the whole smoking mystery below:

In the clip, David explains: "Most of the time, when you see actors smoking on screen we use something called prop cigarettes.

"They're herbal cigarettes that are tobacco and nicotine and additive-free

"They also look quite real in an actor's fingers.

"When you cut one open you'll notice there isn't tobacco inside, it looks more like herb - not that 'erb - but you know, rose petal, clover and tea leaves."

In the clip, David reveals just how realistic the cigarettes are, showing a box of Honeyrose London, which looks just like real ciggies.

But what about the smoke?

The cigarettes are actually herbal.

David explains that the smoke that comes from the prop cigarettes isn't even necessarily real either, and that sometimes it's edited in post-production using CGI - as exemplified in the clip from Fight Club that he shows us.

Surprisingly, many people had no idea that actors aren't actually smoking real cigarettes, with many commenting how shocked they were over the revelation.

One wrote: "OHHH why did I think actually smoke on set."

While another said: "Also Cillian Murphy smoked 3000 cigarettes in the span of 12 episodes in Peaky Blinders."

And a third added: "I always wondered if they used real cigarettes or not and just risked getting addicted lmao."

And David has one final message for his TikTok followers.

"Now remember, even smoking prop cigarettes isn't good for your health and even if you're Danny Zuko, smoking isn't cool," he said.


Featured Image Credit: AMC/TikTok/@davidwma

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