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Unsuspecting Dragon’s Den entrepreneur is being called show’s ‘best ever’ following ‘genius’ invention

Unsuspecting Dragon’s Den entrepreneur is being called show’s ‘best ever’ following ‘genius’ invention

The Dragons were left fighting over the entrepreneur's invention

An unsuspecting Dragon’s Den entrepreneur has been hailed the show’s ‘best ever’ contestant after showing off his ‘genius’ invention.

Paper engineer David appeared on an episode of the series back in January to show Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden, Sara Davies, Touker Suleyman and Steven Bartlett his product.

David left the Dragons ‘blown away’ with his pop-up chess set, which he described as an ‘entirely unique product’.

Made entirely out of paper and card, the chess set is 100% recyclable and – unlike many modern games – contains no plastic.

He explained: “The pop-up chess set can open or close in any position. The unique design of the board makes it impossible to upset any of the pieces.

“These unique selling points make it an ideal travel set, but also, as it folds flat, one that’s easy to store on a bookshelf at home.”

David appeared on the show back in January.

David then froze as his nerves appeared to get the better of him, with Meaden stepping in to ask how much he wanted and what percentage.

“If you’re struggling why don’t we ask you questions?” she said.

David replied: “I’m seeking 40 percent. I’m seeking £40,000 for 20 percent equity in my company.”

David's incredible pop-up chess set.

Having struggled to get his words out, he added: “I’m really sorry for that.”

He went on to say that he also had plans to expand the product into ‘other areas’, including a pop-up Connect Four.

David felt worried he’d let himself down with his pitch, but Jones reassured him it was all down to nerves.

And it turned out he had nothing to be concerned about, as the strength of his idea left the Dragons fighting over it.

The Dragons ended up being VERY interested and fought over David's invention.

Jones said the creation was ‘brilliant’, saying: “I’m absolutely genuinely blown away. It’s exceptional.”

And the reaction from viewers was the same, with one tweeting: “This pop-up chess set is possibly the best invention I've seen on #DragonsDen even if the business owner is nervous as hell. I really hope someone invests. #loveit @BBCDragonsDen.”

Someone else said: “FINALLY Something different and brilliant on Dragons Den.”

David also impressed with his other board game ideas.

A third wrote: “Even though the pitch was horrendous and definitely needs some form of mentorship, the idea seems like a good one #DragonsDen.”

A fourth added: “Recyclable and a pop up, handcrafted game? Beautiful. David is a genius. Amazing handcrafting #dragonsden."

In the end, all of the Dragons apart from Bartlett made an offer with David, who eventually went with Peter and Touker, who each took a 10 percent share and contributed £20,000.

Both the pop-up chess set and pop-up row of four game are available to buy on David's website. They cost £18.99 each.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: BBC

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