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People are saying this is the ‘easiest’ 1% Club question they’ve ever seen

People are saying this is the ‘easiest’ 1% Club question they’ve ever seen

Some 1% Club viewers called it the ‘easiest’ question ever.

Viewers think they have discovered the ‘easiest’ 1% Club question ever.

See if you agree with them:

Before we get into it, the premise of the ITV show sees 100 contestants battle it out with the hopes of making it to the latter stages of the competition.

The aim is to answer the one winning question that only one percent of the country knows the answer to.

If answered correctly, the winner gets a whopping £100,000 cash prize.

As usual, host Lee Mack was laying out the big question.

He asked the contestants: "In the following sequence, what do the letters V and C stand for? VCCCVCCCVCCCCCVCCCCCVCCCCC."

They get 30 seconds to answer, let's see if you can get it.

*30 seconds later* - I hope you timed yourself.

Viewers think they have discovered the ‘easiest’ 1% Club question ever.

So, the correct answer was: "Vowel and consonant."

Some contestants got it, and others did not. Easy? Well, some viewers certainly thought so.

"That was the 1% question? Tooooooo easy!!!!" one person wrote.

Another added: "I got it, then spent the remaining 28 seconds second guessing myself because there's no way the 1% question was that simple."

"I literally got it in less than a second," a third said.

However, some viewers were more than honest about what they saw.

"I confidently said 1's and 0's like binary code," one person admitted.

"I answered Copy copy copy paste cause thats how I keyboard shortcut cause of my trust issues," a second said.

"Bro I was sitting here like 'very cool cool cool, very cool cool cool cool cool'," a third added.

This comes after another episode earlier this year when Lee Mack called a The 1% Club contestant a ‘greedy sod’ after admitting he's won millions before.

The contestants get 30 seconds to answer.

On June 3, the ITV host, 54, was left unimpressed by contestant Kevin who said that he had won millions on the national lottery.

It all started when Kevin didn't manage to get the 90 percent question right and his time in the competition was over.

“You’ve been unlucky tonight, are you usually unlucky?” Lee asked.

“I’ve been very lucky in the past,” Kevin replied.

To which a puzzled Lee said: “In what respect?”

Kevin was loving it.

Kevin then shocked the entire room when he said: “I’ve won the lottery.”

He claims that he won a whopping £6 million from the national lottery.

“£6.1 million to be precise,” he quipped, as everyone, apart from Lee, cheered him on.

Lee joked: “£6 million quid?! And you want another £100 grand? You greedy sod!”

The player then replied: “I wanted to come on here for the challenge but sadly not done very well.”

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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