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Huge argument erupts on First Dates after man offers to pay the full bill

Huge argument erupts on First Dates after man offers to pay the full bill

The episode divided viewers

First Dates has graced our TV screens for over 10 years - and OG viewers will no doubt remember this feisty exchange.

The 2018 episode sees 23-year-old Cecilia who insisted on paying for the meal with Viv, 26.

However, Viv refuses to back down, telling Cecilia to let him 'be a gentleman'.

If you've not watched it, take a look below:

As the pair bicker in the middle of the restaurant, Cecilia argued: "Give me one rational reason why you should.

"There's no rational reason why a woman shouldn't pay."

Viv then insisted that she should let him pay.

In the post-date interview, Cecilia fumed: "I thought it was completely irrational. It was really unnecessary and quite uncalled for.

"Most guys think the summation of me is the way I look.

"I’m in parliament pretty much twice a week and they’ll just be like, ‘Parliament, you?’"

The 'hopefuls' argued in the middle of the restaurant. (Channel 4)
The 'hopefuls' argued in the middle of the restaurant. (Channel 4)

Meanwhile, Viv said: "I think she’s realised I’m just as stubborn as she is, and she’s frankly going to have to get used to that if this is going to carry on."

At the end of the date, the pair finally agreed to split the bill.

Some viewers took Viv's side, writing on social media: "Can’t believe this girl on First Dates had a go at the guy for saying he’d pay for the bill… apparently chivalry is dead."

“I consider myself to be a feminist,” a second added.

"But Cecilia is quite insufferable. Paying the bill doesn’t have to be a gender equality debate. Calm down. Halve it. All done."

However, most Channel 4 viewers, including myself, sided with Cecilia.

“Well done for standing that split the #FirstDates bill ground Cecilia. No compromise on respect!” a third person wrote.

They eventually agreed to split the bill. (Channel 4)
They eventually agreed to split the bill. (Channel 4)

“Ok, I love Cecilia- what a beautiful, strong, powerful woman,” added another.

Meanwhile, others thought it was the right move to just split the cheque.

"I’m surprised that in almost every #FirstDates the man pays. I thought it was good/safe practice to go Dutch on a first date so that the woman didn’t feel obligated to the man," someone else thought.

While another said 'they’re as bad as each other', adding: "Just let her pay tho, I don’t care enough about the whole fighting over who pays thing.

"It’s a longer term strategy that men typically think in but suggests interest so be humble and let her pay - see the strategy and use it to your advantage rather than arguing about stuff that doesn’t matter - plenty of time for that when they’re comfy."

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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