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Fred Sirieix has hilarious response to final question as he’s axed from I’m A Celebrity

Fred Sirieix has hilarious response to final question as he’s axed from I’m A Celebrity

Fred Sirieix was the third campmate to be voted out the I'm A Celeb jungle

So another famous face bites the dust from the I'm A Celeb camp.

Following Frankie Dettori and Nella Rose out the door, Fred Sirieix was voted out of the jungle last night (5 December).

The Frenchman, it's fair to say, has been a fairly divisive figure during his time on the show, with campmates and viewers not sure how to take him.

He famously fell out with Nella, admittedly over some pretty innocuous comments, and then began annoying some corners of the camp with his overbearing nature - especially when it came to the cooking.

But his time had finally come to exit stage left, heading out with Ant and Dec for a debrief about his time down under.

However, at one point it almost appeared as though Fred didn't have a clue what show he had been on.




Fred Sirieix didn't know what was going on in his exit interview.

Right at the end of the interview, just as the former maître d was set to get the hell out of there, the Geordie rascals asked him who he'd like to win.

And his response was, err, interesting.

"Win what?" he asked.

After the pair joked they were talking about the football, Fred eventually twigged, telling them: "I think Sam would be a good winner."

But as mentioned right at the top, one person Fred did not get along with was Nella Rose.

The pair immediately butted heads when the Frenchman told the YouTuber that he was old enough to be her dad.

Now, sadly, Nella's father passed away several years ago, and the remark upset her a lot.

She explained in the Bush Telegraph at the time: "Last night, after dinner, Fred made a comment about him basically how he could be my dad.

Fred and Nella fell out early doors.

"I took offence to that because one of the first conversations we had together was me opening up about the fact that my dad's passed away."

But even after Fred apologised profusely for his comments, telling her he didn't mean it in that way, she said she didn't want to talk to him or eat his food.

"I accept your apology, but in order for us to live in this camp together, I don't want to eat no food that you're cooking, don't talk to me, you stay over there, I stay over here and we can live. I'm good. Yeah. You stay over there. Look at your face, you're smiling."

To which Fred replied: "You could have said straight away, 'Excuse me Fred this is upsetting me'."

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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