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Friday Night Dinner fans left 'mind blown' as behind the scenes clip revealed

Friday Night Dinner fans left 'mind blown' as behind the scenes clip revealed

The Channel 4 show is loved by millions

Friday Night Dinner remains loved by millions despite ending almost four years ago with it currently one of Netflix's top watched TV shows.

And even now, fans are discovering new things about the hit programme.

The Channel 4 sitcom graced our televisions from 2011 to 2020, with six seasons running in that time.

It follows the Goodman family as they meet up on Friday evenings for a traditional Jewish Shabbat dinner at their London home.

The show stars Tamsin Greig and Paul Ritter as Jackie and Martin Goodman, with Tom Rosenthal and Simon Bird playing their sons, Jonny and Adam.

The main cast is completed by eccentric neighbour Jim, played by Mark Heap, alongside his trusty dog Wilson.

Friday Night Dinner is done for good now despite fans demanding more, partly due to the sad death of Ritter a year after the show's final season aired.

Jim being Jim on Friday Night Dinner.
Channel 4

But despite it being done as a fresh product, its show-runner continues to interact with fans on a regular basis through social media.

Robert Popper created Friday Night Dinner, inspired by his own younger years growing up in a Jewish family in London. Other notable work for Popper includes being script editor for The Inbetweeners and The IT Crowd.

Over the weekend, Popper shared a new video from Friday Night Dinner, giving a behind-the-scenes look at how filming used to happen.

It shows an indoor set, with Greig, Ritter, Rosenthal and Bird practising their lines in a circle as they stand directly in front of Martin's caravan.

It's not a brand new shiny thing, but a worn down, mouldy shell that is better off being condemned.

The cast on the indoor set.

In the show, the van can be seen on the Goodman household's driveway, supported by a dubious pile of flags and bricks, as Martin tries to get the boys to help him renovate it to impress Jackie.

Fans of the show were keen to interact with Popper over the fresh video, which shows him walking around the studio set that most might not have even known existed.

One said: "That some of the exterior shots are studio and green screen has blown my tiny mind."

Popper was quick to clarify what was and wasn't show in studio, while also making a very clear stance on green screen.

He replied: "None of them are green screen. Only interior of caravan was in a studio and one of the loos!"

Popper also went on to clarify that the very vast majority of filming took place inside a real house that doubled up as the Goodman family home.

The property itself is based in Mill Hill, north London, and was worth a cool £1.5 million back in 2018.

After sharing the behind-the-scenes video, Popper also posted a picture of the last time he was at the Goodman family home.

He wrote: "And here’s my last day (well, night) ever filming in the FND house. ‘Twas a sad day (um, night)."

Featured Image Credit: X/@robertpopper

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