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Moment from Friends highlights the sadness of Matthew Perry’s death

Moment from Friends highlights the sadness of Matthew Perry’s death

"It's gonna be weird when I come home and you're not here."

Friends fans are sharing their favourite moments from the show's 10 seasons in the wake of Matthew Perry's devastating death.

The actor who brought Chandler Bing to life tragically died over the weekend at his Los Angeles home.

An investigation is underway into how the 54-year-old passed away.

In the meantime, fans all over the world have been reminiscing on Chandler's best moments and funniest lines.

However, one moment in the series is being widely shared and it sums up how everyone is feeling at the moment.

The sixth episode of the sixth season is titled 'The One On The Last Night' and it features the moment that Chandler moves out of his apartment with Joey and into next door with Monica.

At one moment in the episode, Joey is seen sitting on one of the two Lay-Z Boy recliner chairs that were a staple of his and Chandler's living room.

Joey looks over at the empty chair and seems upset he no longer has his best friend with him.

People have been sharing that screenshot all over social media and using a line from Joey where he says: "It's gonna be weird when I come home and you're not here."

Another scene is being posted and it's the opposite, where Joey moves out after getting a huge acting gig.

Season two, episode 16 was called 'The One Where Joey Moves Out' and one moment shows Joey leaving the apartment and saying to Chandler: "Listen, I don't know when I'm going to see you again?"

Bing jokes that they'll see each other really soon at Central Perk.

Joey leaves the room and Chandler pauses for a moment in the empty apartment.

But Joey comes flying back in through the door to give Chandler one last big hug.

One person wrote on social media: "This scene will hit differently now he's gone."

Another added: "Joey is all of us right now. RIP Matthew Perry."

A third said: "King of comedy. one of the best comedian of all time. He made the world laugh. RIP Chandler Bing," another added.

A different user commented: "My heart hurts rn. I can only imagine how all of the cast feels. Rip Matt. You are loved."

Perry's post-mortem examination was ruled inconclusive and the case has been 'deferred' pending further investigation.

Authorities are waiting until the toxicology report comes back before making an official determination on how he died.

Featured Image Credit: NBC. Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images

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