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Harlan Coben explains why his shows take place in UK despite books being set in US

Harlan Coben explains why his shows take place in UK despite books being set in US

Harlan Coben's Fool Me Once has soared in the charts, but left many wondering the same thing

Harlan Coben's Fool Me Once seems to be all anyone can talk about right now, becoming the most-watched Netflix show of 2024 so far, but it's also left everyone with the same question.

The mystery novel writer has had a number of his novels adapted into TV series and films, including the likes of Safe, The Stranger and Stay Close.

And while 62-year-old author is receiving plaudits for the Netflix adaptation of Fool Me Once, he decided to finally explain why all of his shows all have one thing in common.

Appearing on CBS Mornings, Coben discussed the making of the book and his thoughts on the Netflix series.

He revealed that main character Maya - who suffers from war flashbacks from her time in the military - was actually based on a real person.

Coben said: "I met one of the very first women who flew combat missions in the Middle East and she was so cool, and I said man, I want to base a character on that. That's kind of how a book works."

However, when asked about just why Coben's shows all take place in the UK despite the books being based in the US, the writer finally explained the main reason behind it.

Fool Me Once is the TV series of 2024 so far, but why is it based in the UK?

Coben began to explain: "I have this great team over there. This is the fourth show we have done, some of you maybe saw The Stranger on Netflix or Stay Close and so, working with this team is just a lot of fun.

"And so we just take the story and move it over, and I think that hybrid makes it richer, you know you see this cool house, sort of Downton Abbey-ish.

Safe aired in 2018.

"So the combination of the American story with the hybrid of the British sensibilities, I think it makes the series a little bit better."

He also said he has more freedom with the TV adaptation of his books, saying: "Overseas, you can hide a bit more there."

So, there you have it, the world-famous author chooses to work in the UK because of the dynamism that the country adds to the setting of the story, while also utilising the team he prefers to work with on his stories.

Fool Me Once is streaming on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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