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Fans demand 'Home Alone 3 trailer' set in 2024 is made into real film

Fans demand 'Home Alone 3 trailer' set in 2024 is made into real film

The made-up film sees Kevin McAllister reunite with the Wet Bandits, 31 years after he sent them to jail

Festive film fans were buzzing when a trailer for a new instalment in the Home Alone franchise was released online.

But not everything is as it seems.

'Home Alone 3' sees Kevin McAllister reunite with the Wet Bandits, 31 years after he sent them to prison.

Home Alone 3: Kevin's Revenge gives us an update on its iconic characters, more than thirty years after Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) got his arch nemeses - the Wet Bandits - banged up in prison.

The film appears to pick up from where Home Alone 2: Lost in New York left off - with clumsy criminals 'Harry' (Joe Pesci) and 'Marv' (Daniel Stern) being hauled off to jail following their toy store heist.

A whopping 31 years later, Kevin and his countless siblings and cousins are all grown up and the protagonist no longer spends his time going to battle with bad guys.

That is until the Wet Bandits are released from prison and send him a Christmas card announcing: "We're back little buddy."

While the trailer was fake, fans are now demanding for the film to made for real.

Kevin then looks up and spots that battered Dodge Ram van with the words 'Oh-Kay Plumbing and Heating' emblazoned on the side.

The voiceover for the trailer begins: "This holiday season, it's time to rediscover a classic," and tells Home Alone fans to 'get ready for Kevin's final showdown'.

But, as incredible - and incredibly convincing - as it may be, the trailer is sadly a fake made by dedicated movie buff and YouTuber, @VJrawr2.

By splicing together scenes from different TV shows and films, he managed to bring his vision of a grown up Kevin McCallister to life.

And it's safe to say, he hit the nail on the head with Home Alone fans eating the trailer up and demanding that it gets made into a real film.

One person wrote: "I would LOVE to see them do a NEW Home Alone movie! Our family watches Home Alone 1 & 2 every Christmas season."

Another said: "I don't care if this is only a parody, I totally could see this being an actual movie."

And a third commented: "I haven't gone to the cinema in a long time, but if they make this parody into a real movie, I'll grab my money and go to the cinema in an instant. I swear."

Home Alone's breakout star, Culkin got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last month.

His on-screen mum, Catherine O'Hara, showed up to its unveiling to give a speech praising the actor, now 43.

She called his acting in the Christmas classic 'perfect' and said he brought his 'sweet and twisted, yet totally relatable' sense of humour to his work.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube / VJ4rawr2

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