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I'm a Celeb viewers all have the same complaint after reoccurring scene

I'm a Celeb viewers all have the same complaint after reoccurring scene

Haven't we seen enough of Nigel?

I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! viewers are saying they've seen far too much of something for their liking.

Nigel Farage was already a controversial enough figure to appear on the show and some even said they'd boycott I'm a Celeb if he was on it because, well, you know why.

Even those who'd stuck around for I'm a Celeb have been wishing they hadn't tuned in because for some reason the camera seems to be following Farage around a lot.

More specifically, the camera seems to be on the right-wing politician a lot when he's in a state of undress.

Viewers did not enjoy seeing a bare arse showering and yet I'm a Celeb seems intent on serving its audience more of what they've said they don't want.

I'm a Celeb viewers were not happy to see an arse on their screen.

Last night's (23 November) episode featured another shot of Farage having a wash when they really could have cut to any of the other celebrities doing literally anything else and it would probably have been for the best.

Instead, loads of fans have taken to social media to protest that the I'm a Celeb cameras seem intent on showing us Farage having a wash.

"Imagine having to show Nigel when he's always stark b*****k naked", one wrote, while another pleaded with ITV to 'please stop showing us Farage having baths and showers we don't need that'.

Someone else begged the broadcaster to 'stop showing us Nigel Farage's bum - you're scaring us' while plenty more wanted to know why the episode was showing so much of him.

One even wondered whether the producers of the show might have had 'an obsession with Nigel's a**e' considering they showed it so much.

Many wondered why the episode couldn't show something else.

Fortunately viewers don't have to see Farage all the time as he's not able to take part in every bushtucker trial, though some I'm a Celeb viewers might consider that a negative.

Elsewhere in last night's episode people were surprised to see Nella Rose and Fred Sirieix appearing to bury the hatchet over a game of basketball.

Something of a rift had opened up between the two following a conversation on their age difference, leaving Nella saying Fred had been 'disrespectful' and refusing to eat any food he cooked.

However, they seem to have moved past that brief drama and worked together well to win a challenge.

The celebrities have also been joined by late arrivals Tony Bellew and Frankie Dettori, but soon it'll be time for some of them to leave the jungle.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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