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I'm a Celeb viewers shocked at 'unexpected twist' after Fred Sirieix's 'disrespectful' comment row

I'm a Celeb viewers shocked at 'unexpected twist' after Fred Sirieix's 'disrespectful' comment row

Things seem to have turned around for Nella and Fred

I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! viewers have been stunned by an apparent turnabout in one of the early brewing feuds on the show.

In case you've missed all of the rigmarole, Nella Rose has not been happy with Fred Sirieix after she said he was being 'disrespectful'.

See how it all played out here:

The quick version is that they were discussing the age difference between them, with Nella saying Fred wasn't that old which prompted him to respond 'I could be your dad'.

She explained to the Bush Telegraph that she 'took offence to that' because her dad had passed away, Sirieix apologised and she said she wouldn't eat his food and wanted him to be on the other side of camp.

Most viewers seemed to have taken Fred's side in the incident, not that he would appear to want there to be sides, though some have stuck up for Nella as Janet Street Porter branded the First Dates star 'incredibly patronising'.

Earlier in the series the social media star and First Dates host had a falling out.

Fortunately it looks as though Fred and Nella have come out of that relative low point and appear to be back on decent terms with each other.

There's nothing quite like an I'm A Celeb task to bring people together and it wasn't long before Fred and Nella were working together in a task called 'Slam Dunk'd'.

They turned out to make quite the effective team, demolishing Hollyoaks actor Nick Pickard and JLS's Marvin Humes to win a big breakfast.

The pair even shared a high-five and I'm A Celeb viewers were both shocked and delighted to see them getting along and 'acting like besties'.

Someone else said that 'Nella and Fred have squashed it for now' while a third declared that it 'put a smile on my face'.

Others said they hoped the two of them could get along better from now on while another I'm A Celeb viewer said everybody could 'get over it now'.

Fred and Nella seem to be getting along much better now.

Nella was later seen eating food cooked by Fred, so after saying she wouldn't be sampling his cooking anymore it looks like they've buried the hatchet.

Fred isn't the only I'm A Celeb campmate that Nella has ended up in an argument with during her first week in the jungle.

Elsewhere on the show she asked Nigel Farage why he was 'anti-immigrants' and then wanted to know: "Why don't Black people like you?"

Later in their discussion Farage accused her of 'not listening to a word' he'd said.

"My main point was that we’ve got into this jungle and I really like you and I want to know why everyone hated you," Nella said as she wrapped up the conversation.

"We don’t have to come to a common ground. You probably like a lot of things that I don’t like. And I probably like a lot of things that you don’t like…we can have these conversations."

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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