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Nella Rose defended by Janet Street Porter as she brands Fred Siriex 'weirdo' over comment row

Nella Rose defended by Janet Street Porter as she brands Fred Siriex 'weirdo' over comment row

Fred and Nella clashed after the First Dates' star made a 'disrespectful' comment

Nella Rose has been defended by Janet Street Porter after her row with Fred Sirieix in the Australian jungle.

The two stars clashed in last night’s episode of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! after a comment made by the First Dates star.

Earlier in the series – that only began on Sunday 19 November – Rose opened up to Sirieix about her father passing away.

The YouTuber has quickly become a fan favourite on the show, so it proved a big talking point when they butt heads last night.

Chatting about their age difference (Sirieix is 51, Rose is 26), the Frenchman made a passing comment about how he ‘could be her dad’ due to his age.

But this didn’t sit well with her and the next day, she lashed out at him, feeling ‘disrespected by his comment’.

Rose explained in the Bush Telegraph: “Last night after dinner Fred made a comment about him basically how he could be my dad.

"I took offence to that because one of the first conversations we had together was me opening up about the fact that my dad's passed away."

Nella told Fred to leave her alone.

After their row, Sirieix apologised to the star and said: “I am so sorry. Can I just say? First of all, I am sorry I've offended you. I am unaware that you felt offended."

But Rose wasn't having any of it and proceeded to call him a 'weirdo' before telling him to 'leave her alone'.

And, as they do, the Loose Women gave their ‘take’ on the argument earlier today.

Chatting on the ITV panel show, Street Porter also slammed Sirieix as a ‘weirdo’ for his comment.

She said: “In Nella’s defence, I found Fred incredibly patronising. I mean, he’s not serving food in a restaurant now, he’s not dealing with difficult customers.

“I can see that what he said to her could’ve offended her and also, looking at her backstory, her parents came from the Congo, they went to Belgium, both of her parents died within a few months of each other…”

Janet Street Porter is very much on Nella's side.

But another of the women, Jane Moore, defended him: “But that’s not Fred’s fault.”

“It’s not Fred’s fault and he will not be aware of it, but that will inform how she reacts to him,” Porter said.

The Loose Woman also added that she’d ‘hate’ to see Rose be voted out of the jungle as a result of the row.

Moore was more defensive of Sirieix’s ‘innocent’ comment as she argued: “Clearly, Nella has a lot of hurt around what happened with her mum and her dad and I get that completely, but I think that is the wrong place to put it in.”

While it might be the talking point of the moment, this is the world of I’m A Celeb after all and we’ll probably have a whole new scenario to unpick by tomorrow morning.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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