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'Never-before-seen' Inbetweeners scene has fans realising why it was deleted

'Never-before-seen' Inbetweeners scene has fans realising why it was deleted

Things just get more and more awkward for Jay

A ‘never-before-seen scene from The Inbetweeners has fans quickly realising just why it was deleted.

The beloved sitcom hasn’t been on our screens now since 2010 – I bet that makes you feel old – with the second and final film landing in 2014. But despite it being so long since the iconic lads graced the telly, fans still binge it and chat about it like it never left.

And from Simon wearing just a sock to cover his c*ck on the school trip to Will’s pube wig, The Inbetweeners is filled with plenty of memorable moments.

Although, there were even more rather awkward scenes that didn’t quite make the final cut for the TV show.

Regularly doing the rounds on social media over just how cringe it is, the deleted scene almost unsurprisingly involves Jay (James Buckley) and his dad (David Schaal).

It sees Jay with girlfriend Chloe when they bump into his dad on the landing as they emerge from his bedroom – which would be an awkward scenario either way.

You’ve got to forgive the dad to an extent, as with the character being so known for his elaborate, made-up stories, he’s surprised to see Jay with a real life girl, his ‘bird’.

But then he rips into his son, joking that he’s looking for the ‘white stick and the guide dog’ to explain why Chloe would be with him.

It's pretty awkward. (Channel 4)
It's pretty awkward. (Channel 4)

And then he advises Jay: “Before you go, open the window in there – it’ll stink of sex and your mum will think you’ve been on the internet again.”

Chloe obviously looks pretty uncomfortable as the dad continues: “Oh don’t worry love, it’s only ever normal – none of that kiddy stuff.”

Yeah, pretty awkward.

As users on X said they’d ‘never seen’ the moment before, others agreed: “I can see why they deleted it.”

Another added: “Tbf I can see why this was not included. A bit too awful.”

Although, some did leave crying-laughing face emojis as one even joked: “I am Jay’s dad.”

Jay's dad makes things pretty uncomfortable. (Channel 4)
Jay's dad makes things pretty uncomfortable. (Channel 4)

Buckley previously explained why one of the show’s most iconic scenes was changed because of how funny it was to film.

“There’s a scene where I’m definitely laughing where Joe Thomas is in the boat and he stands up and he’s got a sock on,” Buckley recalls.

“So, the sock was there to cover him up. But it was meant to be edited so that you thought he was naked.”

However, the ‘sock was so funny’ they kept it in.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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