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‘Not one person’ is getting tricky 1% Club question right

‘Not one person’ is getting tricky 1% Club question right

The question baffled the contestant and viewers didn't fare much better

People were left stumped by a question on The 1% Club, which the poor contestant didn’t manage to get right.

The popular quiz show, which is fronted by comedian Lee Mack, sees a group of 100 contestants who are whittled down, round by round, until we come to the final question - one which is so difficult that only one percent of the population can get it right.

Unlike your usual game show, the questions aren’t based on general knowledge, and quizzers will need to use their logic, brainpower and common sense to reach the correct answer.

The tricky quiz show regularly leaves viewers scratching their heads as they attempt to work out the answer.

And now a clip from a show that aired back in May last year has resurfaced on TikTok, where fans have been left as baffled as the contestant.

Lee asked the contestant: “What is the first number that when spelled out has its letters in alphabetical order?”

And he was given just 30 seconds to work out his answer. I won’t lie to you, I could have had two hours and I probably wouldn’t have got the correct answer - but the quizzer has made it this far and he seems determined to win.

The question stumped viewers.

After a bit of thinking, he seems to hit upon what he believes to be the correct answer and can be seen giving a small smile and letting out a little sigh.

However, just moments later a look of what I can only describe as horror crosses his face as he puts his hands to his face and begins to shake before telling the host: “I haven’t got it.”

Ahead of revealing the answer, Lee notes: “You’re not looking confident.” Which is a bit of an understatement, because he looks as though he’s about to burst into tears.

Elliot then reveals that the answer he locked in was ‘four’, which - as he already knew - was incorrect.

Elliot locked in his answer before realising it was wrong.

The clip has been shared on TikTok where even after seeing the answer some people were left confused, with many insisting it was ‘eight’ (it’s not) and others were adamant that no one could get the correct answer in such a short space of time.

One person said: “Nobody is doing this legit in 30 seconds.”

Another said: “I got it, but I had to pause the video. never would've reached it under pressure.”

While a third wrote: “I thought it was four also.”

So what was the correct answer? Forty. Ah Elliot, mate you were close.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @kazusername

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