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Only 1 per cent of the country can work out answer to simple four word question

Only 1 per cent of the country can work out answer to simple four word question

Are you smarter than 99 percent of the country? Well done!

If you're a quiz show aficionado then you've almost certainly come across The 1% Club - the Lee Mack hosted show where contestants stay in the game by answering increasingly difficult questions.

Over time, the questions go from brain teasers that most people could figure out, right down to a final question that only (you guessed it) one percent of respondents could get right.

There's also a pretty hefty prize involved as everyone in the game deposits £1,000 into the prize pot when they're either knocked out or use it to bypass a round.

It's a series of 15 questions where the pool of people who got them right continues to shrink, and if you answer 14 of them correctly then those remaining in the game - if anyone - can either take an equal share of £10,000 or risk it all for the final pot.

Of course, that presents you with the toughest question of all, though they can sometimes come in a deceptively simple guise, like this question from The 1% Club that we're about to put to you.

If quiz show questions have you like this then it's time to practice.

Remember to give yourself the proper 30 seconds to figure out the answer like they do in the show, and no cheating to scroll down for the answer.

Here it is: "Into, Therefore, Evaluate, Benign. All of the words have something in common. Can you work out what it is?"

There you go, that's your question, all that remains is for you to put your mind to work figuring out the answer.

Questions on this show tend to hinge on some kind of trick and once you figure that out, the answer ends up being easy.

Want a clue? Try reading the question out loud and see if the correct answer comes to you that way, and if it doesn't then you might be the sort of 1% Club contestant who should take the money and go.

"Oh my god I figured out the right answer!" You said, definitely not having cheated and scrolled down to learn what it was.

Righty-ho, here comes the answer, what they've all got in common is that the end of them sounds like a number.

Sound it out and you'll see that you get 'in-two', 'there-four', 'evalu-eight' and 'ben-nine'.

It sort of makes sense, like we said this is a quiz show where figuring out the trick of the question is really important to getting the right answer.

If you got that right then we have some other puzzling quiz questions for you to try, which only one percent of the country could answer correctly.

If those are too tricky (and fair enough, they're rather designed to be) then we've also got some supposedly easier questions which still gave quiz show contestants an incredibly hard time.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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