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Jason Momoa fans praise ‘hidden gem’ Sci-Fi series which is being called ‘the best of the best’

Jason Momoa fans praise ‘hidden gem’ Sci-Fi series which is being called ‘the best of the best’

Fans of the actor have been raving about an Apple TV series he starred in

Jason Momoa fans have given the highest praise to a lesser known sci-fi series featuring the Game of Thrones star.

The TV series consists of three seasons, and it has been described as 'Momoa's best role' by some fans.

With a score of 7.6/10 on IMDb, it ranks fairly highly and may warrant the hype around it.

Jason Momoa stars in the hit Sci-Fi series.
Apple TV

It stars Jason Momoa as ruthless warrior Baba Voss, Sylvia Hoeks as Queen Sibeth Kane, Archie Madekwe as Baba's son Kofun and Hera Hilmar as Maghra Kane among other stars.

The series takes place on Earth centuries in the future after a virus wiped out the majority of humanity in the 21st century.

Less than two million people survived, with their descendants having no sense of sight, and society has had to adapt to life without sight and find new ways to build, hunt and interact.

Because of this, humans have reverted to a medieval way of living, with materials like metal, concrete, and plastic believed to be created by Gods as knowledge on life before the virus has become twisted.

A pregnant woman named Maghra seeks shelter with Baba Voss' tribe, and her children are found to have the ability to see, and they are subsequently hunted down by the Queen of the Payan Kingdom for the heresy of having sight.

The sci-fi series is called See, and you can view the trailer below:

Streaming on Apple TV, all three seasons have received positive reviews from viewers.

The premise has been praised as a 'hidden gem', with the sci-fi series seemingly staying out of mainstream attention during and since its release.

Airing from 2019-2022 with filming taking place in Canada, See was Momoa's last notable lead role in a series and served as a breakout role for actors such as Archie Madekwe, who would go on to star in films such as Gran Turismo and what became the first early hit of 2024, Prime Video's Saltburn.

The series is set in a dystopian future.
Apple TV

And fans in the Facebook group 'Netflix Bangers' have been praising the Apple TV series.

One user commented: "This is [a] hidden gem, it's a banger"

Another said: "Momoa's best role," accompanied by six reactions from users.

A third simply put: "One of the best shows ever."

A fourth also said: "One of the best series that I have seen," while a fifth said: "I’ve seen the first season and loved it ,need to watch the second now."

And someone else called it 'one of the best from Jason'.

See is available to stream on Apple TV now.

Featured Image Credit: Apple TV

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